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John Battles's Album: Wall Photos

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Roky Erickson , Born  July 15 , 1947. Ascended , May 31 , 2019.
Roky remained a phenomenal singer and a good soul to the very end. Led the path in Proto Punk and Psychedelia , and defined Horror Rock.
He loved his Wife , his Son , his Grandson and his fans. 
He also loved Horror films , cartoons and ice cream.
He performed the impossible time and time again.
He blazed a comeback trail that never came to a halt , until now.
But ,new generations and multiple cultures willkeep discovering his music.
He learned to drive in his 60's , he quit smoking on his own, was reunited with his wife , Dana , after some 30 years , as well as with his then - estranged Son , Jagar, who went on to become his Road Manager and band leader. Under Jagar's direction , the truly impossible happened . The Thirteenth Floor Elevators reformed for one concert. Roky went from strength to strength , performing songs he had'nt done in decades , pushing his voice to new heights .
He had every reason to be proud of so many unprecedented achievements , and I believe he was.  And now he's home , to stay. 


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  • John Battles
    John Battles Retraction: Roky's Son's name is spelled "Jegar", pron. JAY - GAR. I always get that mixed up.
    June 5