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This Island Surf 10 Secret Nancy Society

  • Les Baxter – Sophisticated Savage (background music)
    The Vibrants – The Detective
    The Thurston Lava Tube – Fear the Bat Smuggler
    Davie Allan & The Arrows – Bongo Party
    The Vibrants – Let’s Go to Hawaii
    Little Victor – Boogie All Night
    Messer Chups – Mickey Rat
    Rodney & the Blazers – Summertime Rock
    Da Surftones – Surf Atomic a Mururoa
    Speedball Jr. – U69
    The Ventures – The Shuck
    Alhoa Screwdriver – Lizard Liquor
    Kabalas – Death Takes an Ibuprofin
    Maibell and the Misfires – Misery & Heartache
    Jimmy Virani – Sleepy Lagoon
    Four Piece Suit – Do You Wanna Bossa Nova, Sophia?
    The Tikiyaki Orchestra – Myseria
    The Supersonicos – Franco Nero
    SwamiJohn Reis and the Blind Shake – Sets of Fire
    The Nevegans – Russian Roulette
    Puta Madre Brothers – Dance! Dance! Dance!
    Retroactive Gamma Rays – Flat Drunk Friends

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    This Island Surf 10 Secret Nancy Society by Bibliodiscoteque on Mixcloud