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Adventure With The Saint Episode N 4 The Reluctant Revolution

  • The saint are back and with his courage and your help defeat the boredom post-rock,the ribbish hip-hop and the scum crossover.
    The rock'n'roll triumph!

    1) The Mastersapprentices - Wars or hand of time (Complete recordings 1965-1968,2009)
    2) The Planet's - Ci piace star così (S/t,1967)
    3) Thee Headcoatees - Davey Crocket (Archive from 1959-The Billy Childish story,2009)
    4) The privates hammond orchestra - I'm sorry (can i please come home) (S/t 7",2009)
    5) Bermudas - In your bones (VV.AA. La mano #1)
    6) The dukes of stratosphear - Bike ride to the moon (25 o'clock,1985)
    7) Mushuganas - Summer shoes (Lows in the mid 90's,2010)
    8) Detroit cobras - Time changes things (The original recordings,2008)
    9) Clem Sacco - Twist di mezzanotte (Twisted!!!,2011)
    10) Radio birdman - You're gonna miss me (Radio's appear,1977)
    11) Wilson Simonal - Ecco il tipo che cercavo (Stasera shake #2,2004)
    12) Paul Collins beat - This is America (Yellow submarine 7# split with Radio days,2011)
    13) The mean things - Change my ways (Change our ways,2011)
    14) Chromosomes - Surfin'around (More time to relax!,2000)
    15) Wylde Mammoths - Run from here (Things that matter,1998)



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