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first one

  • really just talkin' shit here

    used to put all this in a note book.  but it seems much better to post these things while listening to podcasts .  lots of songs come out on these pages.  and lots of drunken blathering too..venting and the like..nonsensical robot language  rhymes and here goes


    there is a bed of ice all around.songs from years before I was born repeat in my head reforming into my own words.I turn the heat up and open a beer.This is how it looks from here; cars speeding down a one way street on the edge of city life.the balance hangs between math and whimsy.there are pockets filled with earplugs,clinking and smashing of glasses,dizzy guitars and opinions.Blasting forward through the worlds landmines by Pasting and painting in the garage,I get older.I plug in the Rat pedal and the cords are brash,ringing in my ears.three beers and a little over three sentences..back in it.