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Kicks From the Boot #34

    New episode of Kicks from the Boot featuring new 
    stinky stuff from Thee Vicars, The Movements, 
    The Angry Dead Pirates, The Nevermores, Vibravoid, 
    Cosmonauts and many more...
    Italian kick by Mojomatics, I Mitomani, The Snookys 
    and New Candys 



    NEW COKE – All I want is your sunshine
    The ANGRY DEAD PIRATES – I don’t mind

    Thee VICARS – I wanna be your vicar
    OUTER MINDS – Conversation
    The HIT GIRLS – Not with you
    I MITOMANI – Soldi (Money)

    VIBRAVOID – Eruption of the green sun
    FEDAVEES – Self a light
    NEW CANDYS – Surf little surfer
    KETAMINES – Teenage rebellion time

    The MOVEMENTS – Put me down
    The NEVERMORES – Like a pill
    COSMONAUTS – Motorcycle 1
    The SNOOKYS – Shoot you down

    HELLSHOVEL – Ivan’s hammer
    OOGA BOOGAS – Ooga booga II
    POP.1280 – Burn the worm
    The DE RELLAS – Stick it to the man

    TY SEGALL & WHITE FENCE – Easy rider
    The MOJOMATICS – Rain is digging my grave