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Kicks From the Boot #31

  • Young and old rock'n'roll bands tribute the oldest

    rock'n'roll band in the world.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones!




    The HYDES - Have you seen your mother baby, standing in the shadow?

    The LITTLE KILLERS - Think


    SWINGIN'NECKBREAKERS - It's not easy

    The HENTCHMEN - Surprise surprise

    KING KHAN and BBQ SHOW - Out of time

    I RAGAZZI del SOLE - Satisfaction (I can't get no)


    CHESTERFIELD KINGS - Street fighting man

    REDD KROSS - Citadel

    The FLAKES - Stupid girl

    I PIPISTRELLI - Get off my cloud


    The OTHERS - The last time

    The BREADMAKERS - Down home girl

    The STANDELLS - 19th nervous breakdown

    ROY LONEY & SENIOR NO - Who's driving your plane


    The EYES - Not fade away

    CHEATER SLICKS - Child of the moon

    The HELLACOPTERS - Gimme shelter

    The KELVINS - Dead flowers


    JACK OBLIVIANS - 2000 man

    The TELL TALE HEARTS - I'm free

    The LOVE SUPREMES - Sing this song all together

    The IGUANAS - Tell me

    Thee HEADCOATEES - Paint it black