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Kicks From the Boot #18 - Garage Girls Kicks


    Garage Girls Kick!

    25 female bands for an hour of show, hosted by Freddi and Sara Bonnie Bang

    from The Bomb'o'nirycs. High heels kicks from Golden Triangle, Oh Gunquit!, 

    Cherry Overdrive, The Shimmys, Tina and the Total babes, and many more.

    Italian boot kicks from Bomb'o' nyrics, Le Svitate, The Cleopatras.

    ...LICK THE BOOT...





    The DUM DUM GIRLS - I will be
    GOLDEN TRIANGLE - Jellyroll

    SORELLE KRAUS - Tura Satana
    OH GUNQUIT! - Facebook killer
    The ETTES - Alley Cat
    The MICRAGIRLS - Let's go

    The SHAGGS - Philosophy of the world
    The ORCHIDS - Stay at home
    SHE - Piece of you
    The HEADCOATEES - Wild man

    The PLEASURE SEEKERS - What a way to die
    The TRASHWOMEN - Daddy love
    The BOONARAAAS - Girl I hate the most
    CHERRY OVERDRIVE - Sheryl's faith

    The BOMB'O'NYRICS - Tu n'es pas là
    The SHIMMYS - (He's my) Werewolf
    MEANIE GEANIES - I'm on my way
    The VENUS FLY TRAP ONE GIRL BAND - No fears of my dreams

    The ELEKTRAS - Nous sommes les Elektras
    TINA and the TOTAL BABES - Waiting for you
    TWO TEARS - Die tonight
    Mr. AIRPLANE MAN - Baby

    Le SVITATE - Basta essere belle
    SUZI JANE HOKOM - Need all the help I can get
    The CLEOPATRAS - Sizes