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home to love and the city to hate

  • I am proud enough to annouce that I can finally call myself a homeowner. Adam and I spent many sunday's with out realtor searching for the perfect home yet it seemed we would never find it. Small bathroom, huge kithchens. Huge bathrooms but too much to fix. Then finally we found one, right near the border of Commerce City and Brighton. Beautiful home but it almost feels like we live out in a field somewhere. I do love that this is a new community with good people and a view of the golf course yet I am afraid that it will be months, even years before they began to build supermarkets, small shopping centers and even gas stations. I have grown to love many parts of Colorado yet I find myself frustrated at the fact that I have no friends here, no sense of direction (still) in the city and no good shows to have the time of my life at. Being a home bread California girl with memories of Hollywood and Cauhenga Blvd, the kick ass shows in L.A, and the ever so crowded streets and freeways makes me wonder if I will ever truly feel comfortable in this calmer state I call home.