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Mottey's Garagepunk 34 Moonshining

  • Mottey's GaragePunk 34 – Moonshining

    Smokie Dwell Stop

    The Despondents california
    Chuck Berry I want to be Your Driver

    The Count Five A Pretty Big Mouth
    The DeeJays Dimples (sweden 65 ) too much monkey business
    the flaming groovies dog meat
    Born Liars feelin no pain born liars

    Oblivians run for cover desperation
    wild things tell me garage beat 66 vol 7
    the olivers beeker street garage beat vol 1
    Kaviar special pope of pop black totem records smpler

    the lupines ohio i blame creation (brimstone howl)
    the dirty wurds why
    the penetrators baby dont cha tell me kings of basement rock
    zig zags randy 10-12

    the jack shits you dont belong to me the jack shits
    the a bones w/the 5 6 7 8's we're gonna get married
    the wildebeests diddy wah diddy
    the sliverfleet look out world
    bad Lovers good man love shine wild things

    hot n nasty black oak arkansas