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Been a long time coming

  • Wow! feels like I haven't posted anything in months. It's really only been about a month and a half, but still feels like forever. Anyway, i've done very little record shopping in this hiatus but the few records i have bought have been some great stuff. Lets start off with just one album this post, that way I have a few things to write about in the coming weeks. So here it is.....I've managed to score The Keys Album at a very reasonable price. This is one of those albums you look and look for and when you do find it it's way over priced. I have just one word of advice.... WAIT! It's worth waiting for the right price. Enough about that lets talk about the music. I first heard this band, like many of us have, on some great comps. Shake some action, Powerpearls etc. and managed to find a bootleg on some blog many years ago. Now the bootleg has the worst recoding ever and figured I better find the album to hear it in all it's glory. Well...... I was wrong, the album was poorly produced and never got the recognition it deserved. The album was produced by Joe Jackson ( yes that Joe Jackson ) a long time friend of Drew Barfield ( vocals/bass ). The lack of sale caused the band to break up in 1983. The Keys released a total of six 45s and one LP. I still consider them one of the best power-pop band that existed and if you do manage to find anything by them at a cheap price don't hesitate to buy it, it'll be one of the best purchases you'll ever make.