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You're such a Brat!

  • Well here it is folks, another great find and im sure a 45 that's on every power-poppers list of must haves. Yes im talking about Brat, the precursor to Artful Dodger. Hailing from Fairfax, Virginia, Brat's one and only 45 was self produced and lugged around as a way to get a major record label deal. Brat aka Artful Dodger can from the ashes of two bands, Homestead and Badge. Gary Herrewig (guitar), Billy Paliselli (vocals) and Gary Cox (guitar and vocals) are responsible for all of the song writing. This 45 features "Not quite right" which was not released on any Artful Dodgers lps or 45s and "Long time away" which was re-recorded faster with more of a pop feel. The rest of the story is history, Brat went on to changed their name to Artful Dodger and released 4 lps and 6 45s. So if you happen to find a copy if this awesome 45, make sure you don't hesitate and scoop it up as if you life depended on it.