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Don Kriss

  • Don Kriss...... one of Cleveland, OH's lesser known artist and it's a shame it had to be that way. He released three 45's and one album to my knowledge on his own Carrot Records. I have yet to hear the full length album but have been on the prowl for it. Ive just recently came across his Christmas 45 at a very reasonable price on-line. When I received the 45 I was surprised to find that it came with a red Don Kriss button. Oh joy!..... anyway i'll have to admit that this Christmas 45 is not " rockin " at all but if you're a fan like me you'll just have to have it. On the brighter side his other two 45's are worth looking for and if you happen to find one I recommend you buy it. Don Kriss was know to pal around with fellow Cleveland band the Baloney Heads and is actually thanked on their one and only 45. Just in case you're wondering here's a link to his Christmas 45, play it during the holidays it might just lift your spirits.