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Something new

  • So I went on my usual record hunt and found some new old tunes. The first one is The Beatles Costello on Joe Pope's Pious Records. It consists of 4 tracks and while all are written well, Soldier of Love is the only track that really stands out the rest are instrumentals. The band features Andy Paley "courtesy of Sire Records" playing rhythm guitar. All in all it's a good rock n roll sounding 7" and worth getting if you find one on the cheap.

    The other 7" I found is Louie Louie on Rebel Riot Records out of NY. I believe the guitarist for Justin Trouble's first LP is in this band but I could be mistaken. It has that Moberleys style of power-pop sound, which isn't bad at all. Here are some scans of the covers and as soon as i figure it out i'll add some tracks too, I promise.