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To post or not to post?

  • So I've been thinking of starting a music blog (yes another one of the many out there) for the past month or so. I would of course post my latest finds whether it's 45s,LPs, cassettes or Cds but find that i've been really lazy to do so. Yes we all have those type of day, some more than other (case in point) but I think i'll kick start it here. See how things go and if all goes well then ill take I to the next level (whatever that might be). Now I really haven't put much thought into this so you'll have to forgive me but here goes.

    Here's the first 45s I purchased after i moved to Chicago, while I didn't buy it locally it is considered my fist buy in this new city. The band is Grudge on Black Label ( BL.002 ). I don't know much about the band (internet searches haven't turned up much) but what i do know i'll share. Laruie Marshall aka Paul St John and Godd aka Simon Potter co-wrote "When Christine comes around". Paul St John released "the flying saucers have landed", another cool pop/glam song worth checking out. I've spotted the Grudge 45 on ebay a few times at reasonable prices so snatch them up while you can.