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Real cool Time: Q65 and Other Dutch Treats!

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    This week Rocky and Deena anticipated the release of Pim Scheeling's new Q65 book with a swinging spotlight on those R&B ravers along with several other
    Nederbeat nuggets.
    Q65--The Life I Live
    Q65--I Got Nightmares
    Q65--Cry In The Night
    Q65--Get Out Of My Life, Woman
    Q65--I Despise You [Spelled "I Despice You" on the Complete Collection's tracklisting.]
    Q65--Summerthoughts In A Field Of Weed
    The Outsiders--Won’t You Listen
    The Motions--You Bother Me
    Shocking Blue--Send Me a Postcard
    The Haigs--Never Die
    Ruud Knolraap and the Sweet Vegetable—Nieuwe Sperciebonen
    The Symptomes—Zij liet me staan
    De Clichee-mannetjes--Lekker Legbad
    *The Kliek--Clock On The Wall
    *The Guess Who--Believe Me
    The Mike Jones Group--Funny Feeling
    The Skaliwags--Turn Him Down
    The Great Scots--That's My Girl
    The Painted Ship--Little White Lies (demo)
    *Expedition To Earth--Expedition To Earth
    *Expedition To Earth - Time Time Time
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