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Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Episode No. 32

  • Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 32


    Screamin’ Furys – “All Right!”
    White Fang – “I Hate Anything”
    Jetpack – “Waste My Time”
    The Primate 5 – “She Cleans House”
    Yummy – “Happiness Is Best”

    The Fells – “Bad News”
    Killer Klown – “Shane White is A Friend of Mine”
    American Soul Spiders – “Now I’m Alone”
    The Morning Shakes – “Take You Out”
    The Brentwoods – “The South City Shingle and Shake”
    Mystic Eyes – “I Would Marry You Today”
    Peach Kelli Pop – “No One Else Like Me”
    Lou Reed – “Merry Go Round”
    Les Sexareenos – “Mojo Workout”
    The Gentlemen – “It’s a Cryin’ Shame”
    The Boars – “By My Side”

    The Distraction – “Auto Destruct”
    The Sess – “Don’t Look Back”
    The Customs – “Have Love Will Travel”
    The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs – “Faster & Louder”
    The Angry Samoans – “I Lost My Mind”
    The Germs – “What We Do Is Secret”
    The Pink Swords – “P.S”
    Weird Lovemakers – “Gotta Get Some”

    The Ends – “Teenage Detox”

    Explicit 18+