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Earache Radio No 9

  • Playlist 

    The Daily Void - "You've Been Erased"

    Unnatural Helpers - "Straying but in Circles"

    The Tall Birds - "Internalize"

    Game for Vultures - "Surfin' Bellingham Bay"

    The Chinese Millionaires - "Juvenile Justice"

    The Statics - "I Quit"

    The Put-Downs - "Glad Yer Gone"

    The Bulemics - "Watch the Bastard Fry"

    Wymns Prysn - "Payday"

    Fashion Fashion &/the Image Boys - "Busted Life"

    The Rat Traps - "Vampire"

    The Woven Bones - "Your Sorcery"

    The Intelligence - "Gettin' Classy"

    The Leather Uppers - "Cut Off Vest"

    The Cheater Slicks - "Walk Up the Street"

    Mudhoney - "Who is Who"

    The Scientists - "It's Beautiful"

    The Final Solutions - "My Love Is Disappointing"

    The Lazy Cowgirls - "Another Long Goodbye"

    Claw Hammer - "Uncontrollable Urge"