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Maximum Volume/Flex Your Head Show #12 (Radio-WIGWAM)



    The Maximum Volume/Flex Your Head Show #12 aired at 08.00pm/20.00Hrs (London time: GMT+1), 21.00 CET, and 3.00pm (US EST) [Maximum Volume / Flex Your Head Show #12] on Radio Wigwam, featuring a ton of great music and interview with Chuck De Ville.

    Bands played include: Eighth Route Army, BRASH BULLETS, GET DEAD, JODIE FASTER, The Living Deads, BONSAI KITTEN, Lucifer Sideburns, The Twerks, The Avengers, The Muffs, Daggerplay, Raise The Undead, Chuck De Ville, Rockin' Tomcats & Amy Leak.  Also included is Part 1 of a 2-part interview with famed German musician, Chuck De Ville.