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  • Selling what's left of my CDs right now... eventually will add vinyl as I start going through it. Primarily stuff (new releases and reissues) from the mid-'90s through mid-2000s, garage, surf, punk, etc. Thanks! kopper
  • February 9 - posted by rs369
    • Location EU [map]
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    Some stuff for sale. Tapes,LP,EP`s, punk,rock, hc, etc.
  • After 2 albums on Wild Records (California), and their debut “Zomboid Surf Attack” on Sharawaji Records, THE TERRORSURFS are back with more sonic mayhem! The purple splatter vinyl runs at an “audiophile” 45rpm for that full Zombiphonic Hi-Fi sound experience. From the off, t...
  • Savage guitar driven powersurf twang...... a sonic guttural force with hi energy garage grooves Sharawaji Records is stoked to announce the release of "Zomboid Surf Attack" by The Terrorsurfs (El Guapo, T.T. Shaker and Bamalam) as a digital download and digipack CD. Recorded at The Zoo studio in Hi...

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The No Tomorrow Boys - Who Killed Johnny? New 7“ EP





    Who Killed Johnny?


    Get Out Of Denver


    500 copies on black vinyl

    100 copies on clear vinyl


    Release Date: April 2nd, 2015


    The No Tomorrow Boys are back with two brand new recordings on this 7-inch single. The A-side features a tribute to Johnny Thunders. Girls will live fast and die young after hearing «Who Killed Johnny» and there’s a great ball of fire burning underneath «Get Out Of Denver» an old Bob Seger tune.

    The No Tomorrow Boys remember why seventies punk rockers wanted to look like greasers. They have hairdos! They have matching leather jackets! And they're punk as heck.

    Sadly with modern bands that take inspiration from the latter, you rarely hear the danger and wildness of the original sounds. Too many '50s style bands soften the edges of rock n' roll and come off «cute» or «old-fashioned». The fuck-off attitude somehow gets lost in translation. Thankfully there are exceptions.

    This is the REAL DEAL, kids!