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JEO - Restless Sea surf cassette

  • “Six lo-fi surf-rock instrumentals with B-movie samples which will appeal to fans of Man or Astroman? with two introspective Cassio work outs at the centre of the tape spool. The surfers have left the coast behind them in pursuit of uncharted waters. This is the classic surf guitar style amped up and pushed further out to sea with an organ-setting keyboard backing and an electronic polyrhythm section. The Flight of the Bumblebee gets an aggressive nautical work out here as does JEO’s own Pavement Waltz. Dracula is in the house!”

    “JEO presents an utterly beguiling cassette of smudged 60s psych rock rhythms for The Crooked Circle. With track titles like ‘Dracula is in the House’, ‘Prince of Space’ and ‘Insect City’ it’s a head trip through the most weird and wonderful sites. Rattling drums meeting crazed organ solos, B-movie vocal samples lending pomp and silliness. All buried in layers of smudged crackle and fuzz, it’s as amusing as it is enlivening. Ultra limited too, so grab it while you can.”
    - BLEEP


    8 track mini-album from JEO.
    Limited edition of 50 bright red cassettes in clear plastic cases. Covers individually hand marbled in a variety of colour combinations (see above).
 Includes hand numbered info card. Download link provided upon purchase.

    Available directly from The Crooked Circle.
    Digital formats available at Bleep.

    Full track previews can be heard at Bleep.