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Welcome back (I think) , Joey.  GREAT BAND LIST.... I saw Justin (NoBunny) last week. His old band from Arizona played an outdoorfest that I was deejaying. It rained , and all the gear was taken inside. Then som eband noodled worse than The Grateful Dead , WITH NO SIGN OF STARTING THEIR SET , THO' EVERYTHING WAS TURNED ON....I was exhausted , and , I'm afraid I missed Justin's band 's set. But I saw NoBunny about a month ago . He and his newish all - bunny band sounded great .


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  • Joey Camp
    Joey Camp Thanks for the welcome, John! I caught Nobunny here in town back in Feb. I covered the show for 50THIRDAND3RD if you're interested in checking it out:
    September 2, 2017
  • John Battles
    John Battles Joey , looks cool. I'll have to read it later. Been sitting in front of the idiot box too long. I met Justin in '99 . He was working at another friend's (Doomed to failure) all - Rock'n'Roll record store. We were supposed to do a show together at another ...  more
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