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Periklis's Album: FANZINE

Lost in tyme zine's issues

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Lost In Tyme zine #1
LOST IN TYME zine+cd#1
Lost In Tyme is a new garage zine from Greece. Our first issue was released in July 17 2004. It is written in English and contain exlusive interviews with:
Marshmallow Overcoat
Bob Urh(Ultra 5)
Jens Lindberg (Crimson Shadows, Maharajas)
Stepford Husbands
Unheard of
Sound Explosion
Mod Factor
Mocker Monkeys.
Also there are a lot of reviews for Lp, 7" cd and fanzines and an article with news about releases festivals etc. The size is A4 printed (not photocopy) 44 pages, two colour hard velvet cover with two cartoons from Merinuk and Niko Miho (my brother).
Together with the zine offered a 21 tracks cd-r with songs from these bands (the most of them unreleased).