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  • NEW IN STOCK - 2013.18

    Rising from the ashes of Thee Vicars, The Baron Four are a dynamic new combo, drawing influences from mid-60s British Beat and US garage rock in equal measures! Twanging guitars, throbbing bass, pounding drums and frenetic vocals combine to produce the most exciting sound youll hear this year! State Records are proud to offer their debut waxing, captured at the labels in-house custom built 8-track recording facility earlier this year. Limited edition of 500 on super-heavyweight vinyl. Part One of the Sandgate Sound Acetate series.

    Cortona was born in the dirty gutters of Lyon in 2002 like a premature child armed to teeth. The band feeds its hits with the froth of the famous rebellious 77 punk and adjusts the kick towards modern sounds and nihilist determination. On stage, the band releases an explosive energy for an unbridled performance. The guitar riffs balance on a solid rhythmic basis and fill the lack of excitation of the audience and the needs for primitive sensations. After one album and two EPs, it is now time for a sequel. Cortona released this EP vinyl on the French Casbah Records label. Once again, the band uses its loud voice to express their gospel of urban craziness, fun, and clarity in absolute commotion.

    Part man part wheel, Delaney Davidson is part wandering minstrel, part travelling salesman. One hand holds a small brown suitcase, his trade, his ghost orchestra, the other holds his guitar. One foot firmly in the blues trash corner of the ring, the other on the road, you could say Delaney sees music as he sees geography, and that although he has certain preferences, in fact all territories are up for grabs. Ireland, Germany, Italy, Brazil, UK, Switzerland, Mexico, Austria, Romania, Belgium, Holland, Russia, France, USA, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand, all destinations on the ten year solo tour with which Davidson has turned homelessness into a success of its own. Man of a thousand faces, his work with paint, music, film and concept all has traces of his unique take on life. Part new world and part old world, this duality is echoed in the flavours he evokes with his work; Past VS present, too loud for folk VS too quiet for rock, Light VS Dark, Davidson's restless work refuses to be still for the portrait it is asked to sit for. A pattern we see in his own restless life, indeed, the apple never falls far from the tree. "One rotten apple ruins the whole barrel" laughs Delaney when asked to describe his work. "But then I think we all need a few rotten apples".

    Rarest 60s garage album by North Carolina students from early 1967. Painstakingly remastered at KSL. First 500 come with free unreleased 4-track 7". Great LP sized full glossy inlay w/pic and liners. Undoubtedly the most exciting mid sixties garage album to be recently discovered in the genre, is that by The Horde from North Carolina. The existence of this self produced album came to collectors ears and eyes only about a year ago. It was recorded more or less accidently in early 1967, released in a micro quantity of only 25 copies and among the local US garage albums of the decade it is one of the few eclectic examples with all the ingredients that makes it outstanding compared with the usual prep-school albums of the time. It contains a blend of exciting originals and well chosen, inspired covers, played in a raw, crude and frantic style. If ever it were true that the over-used assertion that a band's cover versions measured up to the originals, then it is true of The Horde. Why? These five 19-20 year old students from all over the United States did not only blaze a trail for 60s rock in then conservative North Carolina, they also had a general attitude that finds its origins in the young peoples mindset of the mid-sixties that put them outside of the local mainstream and gained them a sort of regional underground popularity. Break-A-Way has now reissued this original sought after LP with a 1967 unreleased 4-track EP in one package along with a detailed four-page insert detailing the complete history of the band and loads of rare pictures. "Press Buttons Firmly" to find out why the Horde LP is not only rare, but also deserves to be called, "one of the sharpest local garage punk albums of the Sixties". SIDE 1: 1. Troubles 2. Cuttin' Out Time 3. Press Buttons Firmly 4. My Flash On You 5. Steve's Song. SIDE 2: 1. I Can't Keep From Crying 2. Tell Me 3. 7 And 7 Is 4. Smokestack Lightnin' 5. Gloria. EP Tracks: No Need To Wonder Why, Press Buttons Firmly (different version), Frog Street, VD's Thing.

    Infernal Cakewalk is Mesa Cosa's first solid release after a limited (yet ravenously devoured) cassette. Pressed into 10 inches of sleek black vinyl, the ICW EP firstly offers seven of Mesa Cosa's most enigmatic fist-pumping garage songs from their huge oeuvre. Featuring the sing-a-long garage anthem Shoplifter, noise punk orgy Los Perros (The Dogs) and the 6(66) minute opus of fuzz, demonic chants and free saxophone bedlam boogie Diablo. Today prouldy released by Casbah Records, this compilation of outrageous hits includes two bonus tracks. Recorded in their dingy Melbourne living room by Nao Anzai (Rat vs. Possum/Nunchukka Superfly) packaged in a lush sleeve designed by CM Ruiz (Dead Ghosts, Davila 666) and mastered by Mikey Young (Eddie Current Suppression Ring). The Infernal Cakewalk EP captures Mesa Cosa's "the Stooges walk into a Tequila bar" live attitude in a "hey, we put out a record!" kind of way. Mesa Cosa are a six piece from everywhere between Mexico and Melbourne, Australia, that play an aggressive blend of noisy punk, garage rock and Mexican folk tunes. Led by a diminutive chilango from Mexico City, singing in both Spanish and English, Mesa Cosa mix their undying love of Mexican celebrations and dark symbols with their unashamed love for garage music and experimental noise. Mesa Cosa (only) play fun, energetic shows filled with dancing, mayhem, things breaking, people falling down, glasses smashing, amps failing and tambourine sacrifices to the party gods.

    'Case Closed' is the second long-play album by underground sensation Paul Messis; following the tradition of Messis' earlier works, Case Closed is the LP which confirms his place in the arena of garage punk legend. Following a slew of 45rpm singles and a critically acclaimed debut album, 'Case Closed' continues where Paul's debut left off, giving the listener an exceptional slice of reality and a deep insight into the thoughts of his generation using cleverly written prose-like lyrical meanderings and existential themes. 'Case Closed' is an outsider album-outsiders usually pinpoint societies faults with little effort whatsoever, the same applies in regards to Messis and the album you're reading about, meandering through the sounds of savage garage punker, gentle jangling folk-rock and melancholic ballads, giving the listener a wholesome and varied experience. Limited edition of 500 on 180gram vinyl in front-laminated flipback sleeve.

    By Casbah's fourth release it shouldn't be too hard to talk about an album. But now that Owen Temple Quartet has entrusted the label with the release of Rot in the Sun, it appears that they have their work cut out for them. However thrilled they could have been by the band members' other activities (No Guts No Glory, Bad Chickens, Rodéo Massacre...), it soon became obvious that Rot in the Sun was a mysterious record, one with a powerful identity. This last album spits out a thick richness and contagious darkness, with urges reminiscent of the Gun Club and Chrome Cranks, a Movie Star Junkies-esque fever with Nick Cave's ceremonial tone. Rot in the Sun is one of those albums whose theme and atmosphere just won't go away. It conveys a feeling of destruction, the clarion call to a battle that will spare no musical entity. Owen Temple Quartet insist here on their subtlety and power, a gripping, vibrant, lively, power.


    Limited 300 copies vinyl only. 10 track collection by pre-United Travel Service Band. Painstakingly remastered at KSL. Incl. unreleased originals. Great LP sized full glossy Inlay w/pic and liners. "Full Circle With The Redondos" is a limited, vinyl-only release for collectors and connoisseurs of vintage garage music and offers a valuable insight into the history of one of the most exciting Pacific Northwest psychedelic Bands - The United Travel Service. Founded in Portland, Oregon, three members of UTS took their first musical steps in the Redondos. Like their successors, the band left a large number of unreleased recordings dating from 1965. Influenced by early sixties Surf and inspired by the British Invasion, the Redondos created a unique sound belting out an amazing mix of storming Surf tunes, Rock n Roll standards, and moody originals, written by lead guitarist Ben Hoff. The innocent charm of their Beau Brummels type edgy folkbeat already reflects the magic and authenticity of the later United Travel Service material and sets The Redondos apart from the typical mid-sixties regional Northwest Sound of the time. The Redondos never released any records, but after a serious run through their musical legacy, we have sorted out and remastered their best tracks to a great blend of enjoyable covers and stand-out originals sounding like a rockin' Bobby Fuller Four is meeting the moody beat of the Beau Brummels. For the group, these recordings reflect a special moment in time after a gap of nearly fifty years. Take your chance and share this unforgettable moment on this true labour-of-love release, and come "Full Circle with the Redondos". SIDE 1: 1. Slammed No Way 2. Why Do I 3. I Know How It Feels 4. True Loves A Flame 5. Johnny B. Goode. SIDE 2: 1. Ali The Sneak 2. Long Tall Texan 3. Land Of 1000 Dances 4. I Know How It Feels (Alternate) 5. Farmer John.

    EXPECTED - 2013.18

    Featuring Al Casey (The Ford single), the tracks here are on Side A 'Ramrod', and on Side B 'Caravan'.

    Side A features 'Snatch It And Grab It', the flip offers 'Dig Boy Dig'.

    The first and last release from Jeff Burke's Japanese project. Burke is a member of acclaimed Texas garage punk band THE MARKED MEN. 'What You Want' is seven inches of short, choppy, fast, catchy buzzsaw pop, with the perfect balance of melody and grit. Includes download.


    Gatefold sleeve, deluxe edition. The tracks are 'If You Can't Rock Me b/w 'Rockin'.

    First vinyl release by a French garageband from Normandy with three mindblowing original KILLER songs! 3 tracks:- Bombe Anatomique - Hyperosnie - Souis Détails. Limited edition vinyl EP ONLY - 500 copies full colour sleeve - hand numbered! Including 2 cool stickers!

    Garage rock that sounds like it was recorded in the '60s. The Ogres not only have that trashy garage R&B sound, but also a great album title: 'The Acrid & Misanthropic Sounds Of The Ogres'. It doesn't take long to hear the '60s sound. 'Ain't That Love' contains some excellently trashy guitar sounds as well as some vintage organ eruptions, but basically the entire LP brings to mind legendary bands from the past s.a. Question Mark & The Mysterians, The Haunted and The Standells.

    Have you ever chewed a big wad of bubblegum on the beach and gotten sand blown in your mouth? That sugary crunchiness, crackle and pop sensation is similar to the sound of this drum machine based garage-pop duo from Sweden.

    This Oakland, CA based power trio have, undoubtedly mastered the brass-knuckled, buddlegum garage-pop sound. Blasting through 12 three chord power-pop hits under 25 minutes, they have learned to channel the aspects of all of your current west coast favorites. They capture the vintage R'n'B hooks of Shannon & The Clams, the sloppy rawness of Nobunny, the pop sensibility of Hunx, all with the energy of Mean Jeans.

    Originally released in 1967, 'Lo Mejor De Los Salvajes' compiles several tracks from the band's run of amazing '66 and '67 EP's. Featuring mainly own songs plus a few choice covers, the LP displays the artistic exuberance the band was enjoying at the time. These songs draw from r&b, freakbeat and psychedelia, all of 'em bearing the defiant style and attitude they were renowned for. Wild! TRACKLISTING: 01. VIVIR SIN TI 02. SOY ASI 03. ROSA DE PAPEL 04. AL CAPONE 05. EL BOTE QUE REMO 06. LAS OVEJITAS 07. MI BIGOTE 08. FUERA DE MI CORAZON 09. CORRE, CORRE 10. TODO NEGRO 11. UNA CHICA IGUAL QUE TU 12. ES LA EDAD

    A red hot vinyl collection of 18 rare r&b'n'r&r crackers from the '50s and '60s. Includes tracks by John Fred, Joe Cocker, Billy Parker, Charlie Gore, Sundowners, The Antennas, Tim Reynolds, Tony Gunner, a.m.o.

    Yum Yum's deliver real POWER-pop, with the word power written in capital letters. Putting together the essential ingredients of the music of the RAMONES, the PLIMSOULS and the OHIO EXPRESS, the 6t's and the 7t's, bubblegum and punk, pop and rock'n'roll, just to create their very own YUMMY sound. Tracklist : SIDE 1 1.Gonna Have A Good Time 2. Too Much Of A Good Thing 3. I Like Good Music 4. It Must Be Love 5. I'm In Love (With Not Being In Love With You) 6. Just Friends 7. All I Wanna Do SIDE 2 1. And A Whole Lotta You 2. Let's Go Baby 3. Do Ya, Do Ya, Do Ya 4. Good Thing Going 5. Yummy Love 6. Bye Bye Baby