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    Limited to 300 copies, all are black. Second vinyl single and it's a cave stomping double A side of Wildman and Grind a go go This is smashing primitive music from the UK. Amazing duo, see them live if you can. Brown Brogues is not, never has been and never will be a blues band!

    For some odd reason MISS CHAIN & THE BROKEN HEELS called us up one afternoon asking if we would be interested in listening to their new songs. Of course we said NO! We know this band from the get-go, distributed their records, booked shows for them et cetera, but why would they ask us to release a record? They toured Europe and USA, played hundreds of shows, are a well know name in the powerpop / garage rock circus, isn't BACHELOR a bit too small for them? NOPE! After a successful Euro Tour as backing band of NIKKI CORVETTE, Franz and Bruno Barcella teamed up with Astrid Dante aka Miss Chain, and Disaster Silva, another Broken Heel, to record this classic two song 45 at the T.U.P Studio in Brescia, analog on tape, produced by Pierluigi Ballarin. These two songs are teasers for the upcoming full length which is planned for early 2013, along with a long tour through Europe, USA and Japan. Busy times for the Italian foursome, but they are used to it. STATS: 250 copies, black wax, comes with a free set of CRAYONS.

    RECORD STORE DAY 2013 RELEASE-FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE - The ultimate edition of his debut LP 'Love Visions'!? The modern outsider punk classic is spread across 6 singles, featuring a 21" x 21" poster, a sticker sheet, and insert.

    RECORD STORE DAY 2013 release. First come, first serve. - 7-inch vinyl EP stickered, on original format for the first time since 1964.

    Japanese THE ROUTES, strikes again. After the great, and almost sold out, instrumental album. The Routes present here 4 original tracks, this time with vocals, back to their primary style. But this 4 tracks are fuzzed embeded. Less R&B style, more garage punk. With a style of their own, The Routes makes the diference of almost al of the bands around. Two diferent coloured artwork to. Limited to 500 copies, 250 YELOW SLEEVE, and 250 GREEN SLEEVE.

    These two songs, 'Guitar Attack' and 'Hiding In My Car' represent all that's great about simple, stupid music.

    Are they anti-black or anti-white? Or just anti-astrologer? Either way they are destroying people's ears and dreams. This is the soundtrack to a failed alien abduction. Bonus points for dumber-than-Hawkwind take on the Equals on the flip. Eddy Grant's flying the spaceship. Features ERIC OBLIVIAN, ABE (MANATEES), SAM (MANGINA), and BANJITAR.

    "Guitar groups are on their way out", was what the biggest fool in rock & roll history wrote to Brian Epstein when he REJECTED the Beatles after listening to this audition tape, recorded at Decca Studios on New Years Day, 1962. Although the boys (with Pete Best on drums) were admittedly still finding their footing here, and the three Lennon-McCartney originals may be no match for 'Love Me Do' (recorded just 10 months later), these 15 songs still have all the makings of a band whose stardom would soon obscure the sun. SIDE A: 1. Like Dreamers Do 2. Money 3. Till There Was You 4. Sheik Of Araby 5. To Know Her Is To Love Her 6. Take Good Care Of My Baby 7. Memphis 8. Sure To Fall - SIDE B: 1. Hello Little Girl 2. Three Cool Cats 3. Crying, Waiting, Hoping 4. Love Of The Loved 5. September In The Rain 6. Besame Mucho 7. Searchin'

    The Tav Falco Panther Burns reissue/remaster-series, part II! This one contains the Sugar Ditch Revisited EP (1985) and The Shake Rag EP (1986). Plus a previously unreleased 11-song/45 minute live show from the Messepalast Vienna from 1989. Pristine recording by the ORF. Limited edition 2x180 gram heavyweight vinyl. Foldout-cover featuring the original 12"-sleeves. Full colour printed innersleeves featuring extensive liner notes by Tav Falco himself. Stickered mentioning its contents. The master of a raw and shambolic fusion of rockabilly, blues, and fractured noise, Falco was, along with the Cramps, one of the earliest purveyors of what would come to be known as psychobilly (though his version of the sound lacked the campy horror movie ambience others brought to it), and he anticipated the fractured but hard-hitting blues wailing of the Gories and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion by close to a decade. Side 1: SUGAR DITCH REVISITED: 1. Money Talks (Mac Rice) East Memphis Music 2:38 2. Arkansas Stomp (Bobby Lee Trammel) Joe Joe Music 4:11 3. Working On A Building (Arr. Charlie Feathers) Feathers Pub. 5:25 4. White Silver Sands (Matthews/Reinhardt) Sharina Music 2:52 5. Lonely Avenue (Doc Pomus) Unichappell Music 3:02 6. Tina, The Go Go Queen (Mac Rice) East Memphis Music 4:00. Side 2: SHAKE RAG: 1. Cuban Rebel Girl (Tav Falco) Bull Cow Music 3:15 2. Warrior Sam (Don Willis) East Memphis Music 2:48 3. Shade Tree Mechanic (Shamwell/Prestage/Godbo) Malaco Music 3:10 4. Jumper on the Line (Rural Burnside) Music River Pub. 3:48. LIVE AT MESSEPALAST: Side 3 + 4: LIVE AT MESSEPALAST: 1. Pass The Hatchet 2. Mona Lisa 3. Ditch Digging 4. Oh, Pretty Woman 5. Tina, The Go Go Queen 6. Shade Tree Mechanic 7. Running Wild 8. It's Only Make Believe 9. Cuban Rebel Girl 10. Poor Man 11. Have Love, Will Travel.

    On their first album cover they had a horse, this one is sporting a wooden duck. You may ask if there is some kind of plan behind all of this. Well, of course not. Or maybe that's the plan. One thing is for sure, the plan certainly includes sticking together to write, play and record outstanding songs and release records on small labels like BACHELOR. This here is the third slab of vinyl on that label. The music is quite diverse, you can take a journey through roots country, rock'n'roll and garage punk-tinged songs, but it still sounds very homogenous in its entirety. Yeah, its only blah blah, but how can someone write about this great full length without starting to stutter?! SO JUST LISTEN FOR YOURSELF!

    At the end of 1965, four members of The Hagues popular Jumping Jewels dumped their manager and struck out on their own as the Jay-Jays. With the name change came a new musical direction, a pent-up beat music sound inspired by the Beatles, the Who and, especially, the Kinks. Their first single, Bald Headed Woman, was a Top 10 smash. The Jay-Jays most impressive recordings were all released within the span of one tumultuous, action-packed year: 1966. Their self-titled album included such Dutch beat gems as Come Back If You Dare, I Keep Tryin, Today Im Gay and the fuzz-packed instrumental Cruncher. Every one of those jumping 66 jewels can be heard on this twelve-inch platter, remastered in dynamic mono sound, each sounding louder, more vibrant, and more crunch-filled than ever before. The album is supplemented by three non-LP single sides, and a previously unreleased instrumental demo version of Are You A Woman. The package includes full liner notes by Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine. Music Style: Beat, Mod. Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original master tapes. LP high quality 180 gram audiophile pressing on WHITE vinyl with original restored artwork, housed in deluxe 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve. Rare archival photos included. Liner Notes by Mike Stax / Ugly Things Tracklisting: CHAPTER A 1. Come Back If You Dare 2:24 2. Dont Sell The Sun 2:28 3. So Mystifying 2:52 4. Cruncher 3:18 5. A Distance Place 1:56 6. Bald Headed Woman 2:35 7. Are You A Woman 2:33 8. Cause Youre Mine, Babe 3:14 CHAPTER B 1. I Got Love If You Want It 3:00 2. Today Im Gay 2:36 3. All Around The World 2:31 4. Shake It Some More 3:02 5. The Name Of You 2:26 6. I Keep Tryin 2:02 7. Waauw! 2:30 8. Are You A Woman 2:38 - demo Bonus Tracks A7-8, B7-8

    A complex record that deploys a vast array of sounds, so deep that sometimes you find yourself drifting away with your eyes closed, totally immersed in a mixture of country, rhythm'n'blues, pop and Beatlesesque melodies, surrounded by dreamy landscapes, sometimes even bordering on psychedelia.

    LIMITED EDITION 200 COPIES. LP on white 180 grams vinyl in 350 grams carton gatefold sleeve. Liner notes Mike Stax / Ugly Things Magazine. To their fans - then and now - Q65 were more than a musical group, they were a way of life. Formed in The Hague in 1965, Q65s wild, unconventional music and rebellious image quickly inspired a large and fiercely fanatical following. From early 1966 until late 1967 they laid siege to the Dutch charts with a string of outstanding singles: from the roughshod rhythm & blues of Youre The Victor to the explosive psychedelic rock of So High Ive Been, So Down I Must Fall. This deluxe vinyl set gathers together all of Q65s 1966-67 singles for the first time, all mastered from the original tapes in glorious mono, as heard on those original 45rpm releases. The stellar lineup of tracks includes their defining hit The Life I Live, Cry In The Night, the vitriolic I Despise You, the exclusive 45 mix of From Above, World Of Birds and It Came To Me. All four tracks from the sought-after Kjoe Blues EP are also featured, including a blistering, fuzz guitar-spattered version of Jimmy Reeds Aint That Loving You Babe, and their utterly stoned-out, zoned-out take on Robert Johnson's Ramblin' On My Mind. Beautifully packaged with all the original single sleeve artwork and full liner notes, THE LIFE I LIVE presents Q65 in their prime, making music of a deeply inspired brilliance few bands could ever hope to match. Chapter A: 1. You're The Victor 2:25 - mono 2. And Your Kind 3:09 - mono 3. The Life I Live 3:19 - mono 4. Cry In The Night 2:14 - mono 5. I Despise You 2:24 - mono 6. Ann 2:49 - mono 7. From Above 2:48 - mono 8. I Was Young 2:35 - mono. Chapter B: 1. World Of Birds 3:24 - mono 2. It Came To Me 2:33 - mono 3. Aint That Loving You Babe 2:17 - mono 4. Rambling On My Mind 4:47 - mono 5. No Place To Go 3:07 - mono 6. 80% O 2:45 - mono 7. So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall 3:09 - mono 8. Where Is The Key 2:18 - mono. Original MONO single versions REMASTERED IN THE 24-BIT DOMAIN FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES.

    One of Hollands greatest, unheralded bands, the Ro-d-ys hailed from the small village of Oude Pekela, in the northeast province of Groningen. From this remote rural outpost, carved out of the regions peat bogs, the Ro-d-ys burst forth onto the Dutch music scene in 1967 with a uniquely original sound that was always several steps removed from the rest of the beat music pack. Between 1967 and 1969 they released two albums, along with a string of unerringly inventive and melodic singles, including the Top 10 hits Take Her Home and Just Fancy. Take Here Home: The Philips 45s is a magnificent double-album collection, presenting all of the Ro-d-ys A- and B-sides of their 45rpm releases in their original mono mixes, along with an array of bonus tracks, including choice selections from their Just Fancy and Earnest Vocation LPs, hard-to-find obscurities like Tomorrow and a previously unreleased version of Flowers Everywhere. All tracks are dynamically remastered from the original tapes. The deluxe gatefold sleeve includes rare photos, single covers and liner notes by Mike Stax - Ugly Things magazine. Music Style: Beat, Mod Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original master tapes 2LP high quality 180 gram audiophile pressing Deluxe 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve Rare archival photos included Liner Notes by Mike Stax / Ugly Things magazine CHAPTER A 1. You Better Take Care Of Yourself 2:24 2. Wheels, Wheels, Wheels 2:03 3. Take Her Home 2:33 4. Only One Week 1:59 5. Just Fancy 2:59 6. Gods Of Evil 3:03 7. Nothing To Change A Mind 2:27 8. Stop Looking On A Deadlock 2:48 9. Show Me By Candlelight 2:29 Tracks 1-9: the mono single versions CHAPTER B 1. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep 3:04 2. Anytime 3:09 3. Dr. Sipher 3:14 4. Unforgettable Girl 2:51 5. Everytime A Second 3:27 6. Earnest Vocation 4:54 7. Isn't It A Good Time 2:09 Tracks 1-7: the mono single versions CHAPTER C 1. Winter Woman 4:24 2. Looking For Something Better 2:56 3. Tomorrow 2:29 - mono 4. You Better Take Care Of Yourself 2:26 - alternative version 5. Just Go On 2:50 6. Bad Babe 2:09 7. Waiting For A Cloud-Burst 3:32 Tracks 1-2: the mono single versions Tracks 3-4: LP Best Beat - various artists Tracks 5-7: LP Just Fancy CHAPTER D 1. Hitch-Hiking 2:35 2. Flowers Everywhere 2:22 3. Easy Come, Easy Go 2:35 4. Love Is Almost Everywhere 3:09 5. Unforgettable Girl 3:03 - alternative version 6. Robinetta (With The Air Balloon) 3:00 7. Let It Be Tomorrow 2:13 Track 1: LP Just Fancy Track 2: Previously unreleased version Tracks 3-7: LP Earnest Vocation

    Vinyl reissue of a legendary garage-punk album from 1999 (on Screaming Apple). This was the Satelliters' most pounding, roaring and authentic trip into American mid-sixties garage-punk up to date, mixing harp-driven punk-tunes, raving instrumentals and well-assorted cover-versions (of songs by The Remains, Evils and Bob Seger System). Original copies of this platter sold out fast after rave reviews in Rolling Stone, Visions, Spex and Ox.

    'Twins' just might be the blast that ends it all... Or is it the explosion that launches a brave new evolution? A fury of rock ensues: songs rigged to explode on a dime, fired from a cannon into the stratosphere. They fuse together into one multivarious projectile, a bullet from a gun marked yin & yang. Vinyl version.

    Thee Oh Sees, this time influenced by a planetful of warfare, deliver a remarkably darker and much heavier album than one might expect.