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    Streetlight Fight & 13 Slices of Fuzzed-Up Boot-Stomping Continental Low-life Heaviness 1969-1975. Limited edition 300 copies. Whereas the first two US volumes of the series focused on Hard and Heavy nuggets with sounds and attitude emanating from 60s Garage and depositing themselves at the door of Punk, the UK volume had a fair sprinkling of Junkshop Glam and Proto Punkitude. Now we cross the channel and venture into Continental Europe. There is a very solid case of having more than one European volume, but here we meld the Heavy Bonehead with some fine specimens of Crunching Sleaze and dumber than dumb Heads Down Boogie excursions. Holland is very well represented. Holland was a unique case as the blessed 45 remained the format of choice for many, fuelled by the success of Shocking Blue and the influence of Radio Veronika. So we feature some Glam infused, NY Sleaze influenced corkers along with some heavier thudding fair. At the same time, Germany was far more serious as albums, politics and Space Rock ruled the roost, however here we present some fine examples of unrepentant Bonehead that would have insulted the intelligence of the politically aware stoned eco-friendly hippie. Belgium released some killer slides of the Glam persuasion as well as some wonderful Mutoïd examples of the Bonehead persuasion. We even take a slight diversion into Switzerland for a truly killer track. So have a spin around these 4 countries, although you may chuckle at some of the clumsy lyrics, make no mistake, you are the proud owner of some the scuzziest, rockiest and coolest tracks released at the time.

    Side A
    1. Silence - Mothers Game
    2. Mushroom - Crying For You
    3. Propeller - Apache Woman
    4. Corporation - Wild Time
    5. Angie - Streetlight Fight
    6. After Shave - War Maker 
    7. Mothers of Track - Motorcycle Rock

    Side B
    1. Blackbirds 2000 - Lets Get Together 
    2. Tiger - The Bomb 
    3. Silence - Devil Woman 
    4. Tykes - Lets Dance 
    5. Good Time Joe - Slipstream
    6. Maternal Joy - Fat
    7. Cindy & Bert - Der Hund Von Baskerville