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  • NEW IN STOCK - 2013.25

    Mr. Airplane Man was a Boston duo, Margaret Garrett (guitar, vocals) and Tara McManus (drums, keyboards), who have been playing since 1996. They named themselves after a Howlin' Wolf song. Friends since grade school, their obsession with rock and roll and blues music inspired the band. They began playing on the street and by 1999 they were voted Best New Local Act by readers of the Boston Phoenix. Margaret and Tara have created a unique niche for themselves, a raw and real hypnotic, mesmerizing sound that borrows equally from blues icons like Howlin' Wolf and proto-garage bands like Boston's The Lyres. They quickly won a whole string of heavyweight admirers, from Morphine's late Mark Sandman, who taught Margaret how to play guitar to Greg Cartwright of the Oblivians and the Reigning Sound. They released during first mid-2000s three full-length album on Sympathy for the Record Industry and played with bands like the White Stripes and the Strokes. John Peel discovered them and had them do several sessions. They toured all around America and Europe. Mr Airplane Man's story ended up in 2006. This album is a witness of their early days as a band. It captures their very first studio experience and the very deep and true essence of what Mr Airplane Man became later on. Partly produced and recorded by Mark Sandman. Originally self-released in 1998 on CD by the band, it had to wait 15 years to finally be released on a proper vinyl. One time 1000 copies pressing. Silk-screened cover on tobacco cardboard.

    Deluxe repress the 'JUNGLE EXOTICA Volume 1' as a double LP! FULLY re-recorded and REMASTERED double-LP exotic deluxe GATEFOLD edition with TONS of extra cuts and bee-yoot new art! Tracks: Diablito - THE JUNGLE/ Bob Callaway & The Chicks - NATIVE/ The Peeple - HI YO CAMEL/ The Revels - CONGA TWIST/ The Dantes - DRAGON WALK/ The Valiants - TEQUILA TWIST/ Jerry Betters - CARAVAN/ The Majestics - OASIS/ Muvva (Guitar) Hubbard - CONGO MOMBO/ The Terrifics - LOCO/ The Ebonettes - WILD MAN WALK/ Norman (Arab) Sands & The Valiants - DON'T WANNA LEAVE THE CONGO/ J.C. Davis - MONKEY/ Tarantula Ghoul & Her Gravediggers - KING KONG/ The Medallions - CARACHI/ Tony McKay - THE ISLAND HOG/ Jan Davis - WATUSI ZOMBIE/ Johnny Parker & The Zirkons - OONGAWA/ The Cherokees - UPRISIN'/ The Continental Cousins - KANA KAPILA/ Kookie Joe - THE KOOKIE LIMBO/ Ganim's Asia Minors - DADDY LOLO/ The Highlights - AH, SO/ The Noc-A-Bouts - JUNGLE SAFARI/ The Rhythmaires - SCREW DRIVER/ The Del Saints - TARZAN/ The Emanons - CHALYPSO BOP/ The Sheiks - BAGHDAD ROCK/ The Hully Gully Boys - YABBA/ The Five Sounds - CLUMSY DRAGON/ The Enchanters - CAFE BOHEMIAN/ The Megatons - ISIS.

    EXPECTED - 2013.25

    Farrar comes rumbling out of a Melbourne bedroom with tunes that move from new wave garage through to noisy grunge and industrial tinged punk. Leaving behind his previous life as frontman of well-respected Down Under garage-punk acts such as DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS and KAMIKAZE TRIO, Farrar has been reborn and has become a one-man all singing all dancing, new wave machine. This 7-incher is limited to 300 copies.

    Featuring ex-members of K Records' psych rockers the Curious Mystery, La Luz conjures images of beehived ladies singing sweetly on grainy black-&-white television. The immaculate four-part harmonies, the luscious layers of reverb, the occasional choreographed dance move, even the band's penchant for oldies-style artwork, La Luz have got it all!

    A split of garage-tinged and warped power pop, inspired by free form radio, psychedelia, classic punk and Guided By Voices. LAME DRIVERS spent much of the past decade in the basement while also playing in other bands like HOME BLITZ and GET HIM EAT HIM. Their side of the EP features two songs that are very different from each other. THE WOOLEN MEN are two Oregon natives and a Washingtonian. They play punk influenced DIY music in the Pacific North-West tradition of Dead Moon and Wipers. They also recorded a cover of the Terminals' 'Frozen Car'.

    The fifth full length features ten songs produced by DEAF NEPHEWS (DALE CROVER, YEP of the MELVINS and TOSHI KASAI). LP plus download.

    Foxboro Hot Tubs is the garage rock side project of the four members of Green Day, formed in 2008. The band includes all members of Green Day, and also features Kevin Preston of Prima Donna. Their first album 'Stop Drop and Roll' was released in 2008.

    A lot goes into the rattle of Teenage Rattlesnakes. In wading through the gunk, you'll hear psychedelic garage moderne, far enough removed from their domestic contemporaries to be mistaken for Euro gang-chanters conducting a tribal punk seance. Moments of severe stomp and circus tomfoolery recall the frenzied Avant Garde Rock'n'Roll of The Monks, with further irritants injected to make it all the more jarring. Limited to 500 copies on trash coloured vinyl.

    This special volume features seventeen roaring 1963-64 surf instrumentals - eight of them previously unissued! Ride the wild sand with the Monarcs, Torquetts, Los Vampiranos and more!

    BACK IN STOCK - 2013.25

    Very limited RED vinyl version. Housed in a Deluxe 350 grams cover with polybag. REMASTERED IN THE 24-BIT DOMAIN FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES. The first two Outsiders singles for the illustruous Muziek Expres label and a unreleased 1965 live version of Thinking About Today. Side 1: 1. You Mistreat Me 2. Suns Going Down 3. Thinking About Today (Previously unreleased live version 1965) Side 2: 1. Felt Like I Wanted To Cry 2. I Love Her Still, I Always Will Mono / Extended Play 45 R.P.M.

    LIMITED EDITION 300 COPIES!! During the mid 60's this Amsterdam based band was Holland's answer to the UK MOD/BEAT & POP-ART movement led by THE WHO and SMALL FACES. Presented on this LP you find their complete works, including their Dutch hitsingles 'Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan' ('Don't Feel Like Getting Up Today) and 'Kejje Nagaan' ('Cayou Imagine')! The LP comes as black 180 grams vinyl in 350 grams carton gatefold sleeve. Includes all their singles & singles sleeves. With on the inside of the gatefold a unique collage with unreleased photos. All this is housed in Japanese plastic bag. REMASTERED IN THE 24-BIT DOMAIN FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES. Tracks: Side A: 1. Ik heb geen zin om op te staan 3:07 - mono 2. Alleen op het kerkhof 3:21 - mono 3. Kejje nagaan 3:33 - mono 4. Spat niet met pap 2:52 - mono 5. I got you (I feel good) 2:51 - mono 6. She'll stay 2:21 - mono 7. S.O.S. 2:10 - mono 8. I call you bluff 2:40 - mono Side B: 1. Heikrekel 2:55 - mono 2. Peterselie 2:54 - mono 3. Die Pil. 2:07 - stereo 4. Ik heb geen zin om op te staan 3:07 - stereo 5. Alleen op het kerkhof 3:21 - stereo 6. S.O.S. 2:10 - stereo 7. I call you bluff 2:40 - stereo 8. Heikrekel 2:55 - stereo.

    At the end of 1965, four members of The Hagues popular Jumping Jewels dumped their manager and struck out on their own as the Jay-Jays. With the name change came a new musical direction, a pent-up beat music sound inspired by the Beatles, the Who and, especially, the Kinks. Their first single, Bald Headed Woman, was a Top 10 smash. The Jay-Jays most impressive recordings were all released within the span of one tumultuous, action-packed year: 1966. Their self-titled album included such Dutch beat gems as Come Back If You Dare, I Keep Tryin, Today Im Gay and the fuzz-packed instrumental Cruncher. Every one of those jumping 66 jewels can be heard on this twelve-inch platter, remastered in dynamic mono sound, each sounding louder, more vibrant, and more crunch-filled than ever before. The album is supplemented by three non-LP single sides, and a previously unreleased instrumental demo version of Are You A Woman. The package includes full liner notes by Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine. Music Style: Beat, Mod. Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original master tapes. LP high quality 180 gram audiophile pressing on WHITE vinyl with original restored artwork, housed in deluxe 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve. Rare archival photos included. Liner Notes by Mike Stax / Ugly Things Tracklisting: CHAPTER A 1. Come Back If You Dare 2:24 2. Dont Sell The Sun 2:28 3. So Mystifying 2:52 4. Cruncher 3:18 5. A Distance Place 1:56 6. Bald Headed Woman 2:35 7. Are You A Woman 2:33 8. Cause Youre Mine, Babe 3:14 CHAPTER B 1. I Got Love If You Want It 3:00 2. Today Im Gay 2:36 3. All Around The World 2:31 4. Shake It Some More 3:02 5. The Name Of You 2:26 6. I Keep Tryin 2:02 7. Waauw! 2:30 8. Are You A Woman 2:38 - demo Bonus Tracks A7-8, B7-8

    180 grams vinyl housed in beautiful quality sleeve. Unique live recordings of the OUTSIDERS on the pinnacle of their fame. Tracks: Side A: 1. Bird In A Cage 2. Aint Gonna Miss You 3. Afraid Of The Dark 4. Ballad Of John B. 5. I Love Her Still, I Always Will Side B: 1. Story 16 2. I Wish I Could 3. Tears Are Falling From My Eyes 4. Set Me Free (unreleased song) 5. Wont You Listen Stereo / Previously unreleased live recordings. REMASTERED IN THE 24-BIT DOMAIN FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES.

    The Netherlands boasted a fertile beat scene in the 1960s, but few bands could match the greatness of the Outsiders from Amsterdam. Led by the uniquely gifted songwriting team of singer Wally Tax and guitarist Ronnie Splinter, The Outsiders left behind a prolific catalog of original music that easily matches up to the best the UK or the USA had to offer during the same period. The evidence is all here on Monkey On Your Back: Their 45s, a two-disc 180gm vinyl collection featuring the original mono A- and B-sides of all of their singles from the crazed punk R&B of 1965s You Mistreat Me to 1969s infectious Do You Feel Allright (once described by Wally Tax as "like cowboys sitting on space rockets"). Their biggest hits are all here, including Lying All The Time, Touch, Monkey On Your Back and Summer Is Here, alongside favorites like Suns Going Down, I Love Her Still, I Always Will, That's Your Problem and You Remind Me. A handful of rarities and unreleased tracks round out the set, including Talk To Me, a demo of Monkey On Your Back, and stereo versions of Touch and Bird In A Cage. The eye-popping gatefold cover lays out all of the original picture sleeve artwork along with other rare shots. Original single versions! 2LP black 180 gram vinyl, 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve. Inside the gatefold sleeve, all single covers artwork and rare pressings! Japanse plastic bag REMASTERED IN THE 24-BIT DOMAIN FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES Tracks: Chapter 1 1. You Mistreat Me 1:58 2. Suns Going Down 2:39 3. Felt Like I Wanted To Cry 2:50 4. I Love Her Still, I Always Will 3:27 5. Lying All The Time 3:14 6. Thinking About Today 2:45 7. Keep On Trying 2:57 8. That's Your Problem 2:35 Mono Chapter 2 1. Touch 3:12 - single version 2. Ballad Of John B. 5:55 3. Monkey On Your Back 3:44 4. What's Wrong With You 3:16 5. Summer Is Here 3:25 6. Teach Me To Forget You 3:12 Mono Chapter 3 1. I've Been Loving You So Long 3:21 2. I'm Only Trying To Prove To Myself That I'm Not Like Everybody Else 2:30 3. Don't You Worry About Me 3:25 4. Bird In A Cage 3:03 - live 5. Cup Of Hot Coffee 3:18 6. Strange Things Are Happening 2:33 7. I Don't Care 2:41 Mono Chapter 4 1. You Remind Me 2:45 2. Do You Feel Allright 3:26 3. Daddy Died On Saturday 3:01 4. Touch 3:12 - stereo 5. Talk To Me 2:54 - demo 6. Monkey On Your Back 4:00 - demo 7. Bird In A Cage 3:04 - live - stereo Mono / Stereo.

    Released at the peak of their popularity in early 1967, The Outsiders' debut-album featured one side of live recordings and one side of studio-tracks. The album finds them playing with a rawness and urgency few groups could ever match on primal but brilliantly conceived tracks like 'Story 16', 'Afraid Of The Dark', 'Filthy Rich' and 'Won't You Listen'. This expanded double-album reissue adds a second disc of rare material, including a previously unreleased studio-session from January 1966, a live concert taped at Paradiso in December 1968, and a remarkable instrumental demo of Strange Things Are Happening. Dynamically re-mastered in the 24-bit domain from the original tapes, and pressed in 180-gram vinyl, 'The Outsiders' comes in a spectacular gatefold sleeve and includes liner-notes by Ugly Things magazine's Mike Stax. CHAPTER A - Live 1. Story 16 6:30 2. Tears Are Falling from My Eyes 3:29 3. Ain't Gonna Miss You 1:54 4. I Wish I Could 4:01 5. Afraid Of The Dark 3:18 6. Wallys Answering Machine 0:16 Track 6 previously unreleased CHAPTER B - Studio 1. Teach Me To Forget You 3:12 2. Filthy Rich 2:40 3. I Would Love You 2:47 4. Don't You Cry 2:21 5. Won't You Listen 2:49 6. If You Don't Treat Me Right 2:10 7. Strange Things Are Happening 2:22 - demo Track 7 previously unreleased CHAPTER C - Sessions 1. Lying All The Time 3:24 - take 1 2. Lying All The Time 3:53 - take 2 3. If You Don't Treat Me Right 2:40 - take 1 4. If You Don't Treat Me Right 3:17 - take 2 5. Talk To Me 2:56 - take 1 6. Talk To Me 2:55 - take 2 7. I Want To Know 2:25 - take 1 Tracks 1 - 7 previously unreleased CHAPTER D - Live 1. Do You Feel Alright 3:21 2. Daddy Died On Saturday 3:19 3. I Love You No. 2 3:29 4. Misfit 3:16 5. Happyville 2:27 6. Prison Song 5:38 REMASTERED IN THE 24-BIT DOMAIN FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES

    'Indonesia Screaming Fuzz'. Here's the second batch of crazy fuzz, screaming and rock'n'roll from the land of the big dragon. This second volume brings a more raw, crazy garage and killer tracks than the first volume. The Rollies, Trio Visca, Peels, White Waves or Djah Iskandar are some of the names for this volume. Loved the first one? So this is even better, even wilder. The tracks in this compilation are remastered from the original vinyl records supplied by die hard collectors. SIDE A: 1-Adnan Othman - Revolusi 2-The Rollies - Menari A Go Go 3-Dara Puspita - Pest Pak Lurah 4-The Rhythm Boys & Adnan Othman - Mari Ka Laut 5-Koes Bersaudara - To The So Called "The Guilties" 6-The Swallows - La Obe 7-Adnan Othman - Tumpas 8-The Singers - Land Of 1000 Dances 9-Diah Iskandar - In My Room. SIDE B: 1-The Hooks - Dendang Remaja 2-Adnan Othman - SaUnta 3-Benjamin S - Maling 4-The Rhythm Boys & Adnan Othman - Berlenggang 5-The White Waves - Skinnie Minnie 6-Trio Visca - Mari Bergembira 7-The Singers - Tak Mau 8-The Rhythm Boys & Adnan Othman - Budi Bahasa 9-The Peels - Modjang Priangan.

    LIMITED EDITION 500 COPIES! 2XLP 180 gram vinyl. 30 tracks Gatefold Cover 350 gram. Polybag White. DMM cutting. Sealed 'Muziek Expres' started out in 1965 as Dutch music magazine gaining them a reputation as THE music mag of the mid 60's in Holland. Trying to be on top of all wild developments that took place during those days the magazine started a label called 'Op-Art' later to evolve into 'Yep' were they released some 15 singles between 1965 and 1967 by the then new and upcoming Dutch 'Beat' bands such as OUTSIDERS, BINTANGS, GROUP 1850, ZIPPS, etc..On this double Lp Pseudonym have collected all tracks ever recorded for and released on the 'Op-Art/'Yep' labels including 2 unreleased versions by THE BUMBLE BEES, later to be released in 'cleaned' versions on Philips. LP's are housed in stunning gatefold sleeve, the inside of which shows all the fantasties sleeves of the singles involved. A one of kind beauty of release! You will see! Tracklisting: Side 1: PETER AND THE BLIZZARDS - Bye Bye Baby PETER AND THE BLIZZARDS - Why BINTANGS - Im A Man BINTANGS - You Cant Judge A Book By The Cover OUTSIDERS - You Mistreat Me OUTSIDERS - Suns Going Down FOLK MESSENGERS - Black Girl FOLK MESSENGERS - Soft Blowes The Summerwind SIDE 2: PETER AND THE BLIZZARDS - Sittin In My Room PETER AND THE BLIZZARDS - All I Want OUTSIDERS - Felt Like I Wanted To Cry OUTSIDERS - I Love Her Still, I Always Will ZIPPS - Roll The Cotton Down ZIPPS - Highway Gambler BINTANGS - Walkin The Boogie BINTAGNS - Groovin Side 3: BUMBLE BEES - Day By Day BUMBLE BEES - You KEY - I See Your Image KEY - Play Vivaldi FUN OF IT - Silly Baby FUN OF IT - Drollery BINTANGS - Splendid Sight BINTANGS - $ 60,- Boss Side 4: GROEP 1850 - Misty Night GROEP 1850 - Look Around PETER AND THE BLIZZARDS - It Happens Everyday PETER AND THE BLIZZARDS - Cold As Ice GROUP REZA - Its A Shame GROUP REZA - From Home BUMBLE BEES - I was blind (Unreleased) BUMBLE BEES - a girl of my kind (Unreleased).

    Khosh Amadid, friends, to this 4th volume in a series of compilations highlighting fiercely rare 45s from Tehran's pre-revolutionary golden age. Vivacious ladies with sassy Dorothy Hamill haircuts and skin-bearing pantsuits were once plastered across Tehran's newsstands. Those gorgeous sirens and their hunky male counterparts made all the teens sway to hand drums that boinked in 6/8 time. Plush brass & string arrangements took their cues from Latin grooves, psychedelic guitars, ritzy soundtracks, and sugary pop from the West. Within months of the 1979 Islamic revolution, pop music was labeled a symbol of the previous regime and became illegal overnight. In those same months, it also became illegal for women to be in public without conforming to the hijab dress code. By hook and crook, these little round records survived, and they attest to a time when Tehran's homegrown and exiled populations would have been united in an easygoing love for funk bass & buzzing synthesizers. Hear the tunes that rivaled the hits of Googoosh & Kourosh by singers who only recorded a few precious singles, but dont think for a minute that Tehran's nightingales have run out of surprises for your ears. The discoveries are just beginning. Tracks: 01 ZIA - Helelyos 02 FARROKHZAD - Avazekhan Na Avaz 03 SHOHREH - Del 04 SHAMAIZADEH - Agar Bekhai Mitooni 05 NOOSHAFARIN - Gole Aftabgardoon 06 ZIA - Kermani 07 AZITA - Yaare Chaghalo 08 SHAHROKH - Koolehbaar 09 SHAMAIZADEH - Be Man Tekyeh Kon 10 BETI - Hele Dan Dan 11 AZITA - Baba Heydar 12 SATTAR - Sedayeh Del 13 SOLI Feat. NELI - Tasvire Yek Fasl 14 AFSHIN - Tarhe Khoshbakhti 15 SHOREH - Omadi 16 MAZIAR - Mahigir.

    Zoo-Ba!! Vol 2 from the Va-Va Voom series! 16 Titty shakers to dance to, either at the Club or in the Bedroom! Fantastic early 60s instrumental action from Swingin Big Bands, R'n'B Aces and Cookin Garage Combos. All successfully tried on the dancefloor: Not a dud in the batch! Tracks: Side A: 01 Zooba! - The Big Sound Of Don Ralke 02 The Boss - Tonni Kalash 03 Hot Crawfish - Hugo Montenegro & Orchestra 04 The Thrust (Pt.1) - The Emblem's 05 Freeway - Jeff Gordon & The Summit 06 Movin' Out - The Gigolo's 07 Down Hill - The Mysterions 08 The Weird One - Tremolos. Side B: 01 Goofin' - Charlie Russo & His Orchestra 02 Trojan's Walla - Henry Clement & The Trojans 03 Unchained My Heart - Les Formidables 04 Gazackstahagen - The Keymen 05 Free Way - Lafayatte & The LaSabres 06 Honky - The Jones Boys 07 Boomerang - The Spinners 08 Bui Bui - L. Hollis & The Mack-A-Do's.