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  • NEW IN STOCK - 2013.05

    Limited to 300 copies in hand-numbered sleeve. This is a collaboration between PAUL MESSIS and THE SUFIS, recorded on 8-track tape in Nashville, USA earlier this year.

    Introducing the wild sounds of The Future Primitives, a psychedelic garage rock three-piece from Cape Town, South Africa. Formed in late 2011, they set out to experiment with sounds from the past and the present. Drawing influence from early rock n roll, 60s garage and first era psychedelic groups, The Future Primitives are inspired by the pioneers, misfits and unknowns alike. Their name hints at a contradiction that can be heard in their sound as the recordings are stripped of all technological advances, using beaten analogue gear and minimal microphone setups to record live to tape. Tracklist: TRACKLIST: SIDE A 1. Instro 2. I'm The Sound 3. Fall To Pieces 4. Sea Of Words 5. Try On Something That's Really You 6. Open Up Your Door SIDE B 1. Open Up Again 2. Little Doll 3. I Been Searchin' 4. Untitled (The Dream)

    Though they have different approaches, a common thread runs through Australian bands like the Saints, Hoodoo Gurus, Midnight Oil and AC/DC: an aggressive, take-no-prisoners posture designed to grab audiences by the throat. This direct crowd-band interaction is essential on the rough-and-tumble Oz pub circuit, where if the group doesnt deliver the goods, theyre likely to go down in a hail of lager cans. Whatever it is that puts the raw in Antipodean rawk, its been there from the beginning. For proof, check the wild, outrageous sounds of the Missing Links. Formed in Sydney in 1964, a series of personnel changes eventually replaced all original members, leaving vocalist Andy Anderson, guitarist Doug Ford, drummer Baden Hutchens, bassist Ian Thomas and Chris Gray on keyboards. It was this lineup that recorded the bands 1965 debut album, The Missing Links. An instant garage punk classic, The Missing Links took the UK R&B combo model and drenched it in attitude and feedback, making contemporaries like the Troggs and the Who appear tame by comparison. The sonic guitar meltdown at the end of "Youre Drivin Me Insane" presages Jimmy Pages Zeppelin liftoff by a full three years while "Wild About You" defies description, except to say it still sounds shocking nearly 50 years on. This slice of vigorous vinyl became one of the most prized acquisitions for garage punk fans the world over, with each successive wave of Down Under musical malcontents spreading its legend. The globe-trotting team at Sundazed has now restored the album in all its magnificent MONO glory! What more could you want? Well, how about the IMPOSSIBLY rare EP, The Links Unchained, featuring four more cuts of mid-Sixties madness!?! For a limited time, Sundazed is offering both of these audacious aural artifacts in one convenient package! TRACK LIST: LP TRACKS: 1. Wild About You 2. Hobo Man 3. Bald-Headed Woman 4. Not To Bother Me 5. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut 6. Some Kinda Fun 7. You're Drivin' Me Insane 8. Nervous Breakdown 9. Speak No Evil 10. On The Road Again 11. All I Want 12. Htuom Tuhs. 7" EP TRACKS: 1. I'll Go Crazy 2. Don't Give Me No Friction 3. One More Time 4. Wooly Bully.

    18 slabs of cool 60's USA garage thumpers with a soulin' attitude!. Limited ed. 500 copies, housed in perfect artwork. Including: J.T. And The Three Wisemen / East Coast Journeymen / The Pigeons / Royal and The Shades / The Sweet Soul Six / The New Sensations / Dean Carter Sound / Jefferson Lee / Anthony and The Aqua Lads / S.O.S. Unlimited / The Overtones / Sound 70 / Soul Inc. / Ground Floor People / The Endless Knights / Kenny Wayne and The Kamotions / Dick "WildChilde" Kemp / Tony and The Vizitors

    EXPECTED - 2013.05

    On 7-inch vinyl with 3mm spinner sleeve, CD inside + 3D Glasses. Tracks 7": Side A: Flamin' Rocket / Area 51 Side B: No Inner Limits / Astro-Rumble Tracks CD: Flaming' Rocket, Area 51, No Inner Limits, Astro-Rumble, Napoli Nights, Muixeranga, Surfin' Burret, Galaxia.

    From the soundtrack to The RZA's 2012 directorial debut 'The Man With The Iron Fists'. Stomping hip-hop rhythms and flow with fuzzy blues guitars and solid yet somehow unhinged drum beats. The B-side contains an instrumental version.

    Moscow's scene is pretty damn active lately. Along with The Thunderbeats LP, here's a new teen combo, The Vice wich is getting bigger and better and surely deserves your attention. Mixing jangly folk-garage-pop with hints of indie rock the lads have released a terrific four track debut-EP. Expecting to see them live in Europe pretty soon all you can do is enjoy the record, expecting also a complete album planned for early 2014. You'll probably find yourself singing around their songs in the shower or driving your car. Yes they're that catchy too! Last but not least the four track's housed in a beautiful purple illustration cover, courtesy of our artist Alessandra Monoriti, that captures the moodiness as well as the tension of this debut. Cockney-speaking customers beware, these guys' Russian accent might be too strong and not just your cup of tea, but hell, they have the sound, the looks, focus and the attitude!

    More than a year ago (September 15, to be exact), Tav Falco Panther Burns rocked the legendary London venue 100 Club! They played two sets, the first consisting of the tunes from their groundbreaking Behind The Magnolia Curtain debut - thus celebrating the recent Stag-O-Lee Deluxe reissue. The second set was a mixture of old favourites and new tunes. 16 of those made it onto the final record, which after some artwork delays will finally be released on Stag-O-Lee any minute. Live In London will only be available as a super-duper limited double-10"! 60 minutes of raucous rock'n'roll!

    Limited 500 copies. Moscow's leading garage-beat-punk act finally deliver their full-lenght debut! It's quite some time that we did hear an album of originals that fresh and exciting! These angry young men have entered a vintage studio and recorded their primal-1966-inspired material with an authentic gear that couldn't sound better than this. Old school garage fans or new to such sounds, you'll be hooked anyway!

    Back in print! Poundin' set of primal teen 60s punk! In exotic deluxe gatefold edition with updated photos and liner notes! Featuring THE ELITE, JUJUS, ALARM COCKS, MALIBUS, etc.

    Back in print! New version in exotic DELUXE GATEFOLD edition with updated photos! Featuring JACK ROSS (Mumbles), ANDRE WILLIAMS (Sweet Little Pussycat), EDGAR ALLEN & THE PO BOYS (Panic Button), INSTRUMENTALS (Are You Nervous), etc.

    A HOT vinyl only compilation, limited to 500 copies on clear wax. A chance meeting in New Orleans in 2004! The man behind Spoonful met Mr. Herb H. Franklin, who happened to be the cabbie who took him to the city from the airport. The German record collector and Mr. Franklin, who was in his mid-70s then, hit it off pretty well and met frequently during the next week. While checking record stores and eating Cajun food Mr. Franklin told his life story. Born in 1930 in Wiggins, Mississippi, he moved down to the coast town of Biloxi with his parents at the age of 10. He later trained to be an auto mechanic, but as he hated getting grease under his fingernails, he opted to do what he did best - hang out in bars. So in 1950 he took a bartending job at The Smithwick's - a watering hole in Biloxi, just off Beach Boulevard. When his boss retired in 1955, Herb H. Franklin became the new owner of the bar. A month of renovation followed and the place reopened in Fall 1955 as Sin City, an unofficial name, as the sign outside the bar just said "Liquor." Herb said it was a long, rectangular room with a bar on the left, chairs and tables to the right, and a stage for live music at the end. The pool tables were relocated to a side room to make "plenty of space for sinning," according to Herb. There were rockin' bands on the weekends, sweaty dancers every night, and a jukebox that was wired to the house sound system so it could be heard over the general ruckus of the bar. And that jukebox did its work until the mid-1960s, when Herb closed the place. Amazingly, however, every 45 that ever graced the Sin City jukebox remained in Herb's possession. Whenever the jukebox operator came to bring in the new tunes, Herb gave him some small change to keep the replaced ones. As a result, 15 years of serious record collecting took place, without Herb even giving it a second thought. After Katrina hit, Herb relocated to Wiggins with all his records, which luckily had survived the floodwaters in a storage unit. At his new place in Wiggins, Herb built himself a nice music room in the basement. Mr. Spoonful immediately thought of the idea to digitize his vinyl wealth, but it took years to work out the details. But now the wait is over. So, without further ado, here it is - the first volume of Herb H. Franklin's prized collection - the records that rocked the Sin City bar of Biloxi in the 50s and early 60s! Enjoy! And drink a toast to Herb if you like what you hear. SIDE A: 1. BIG MAYBELLE - I'VE GOT A FEELING 2. JIMMY LEE ROBINSON - TWIST IT BABY 3. GROVER MITCHELL - THAT'S A GOOD IDEA 4. GATEMOUTH BROWN - SUMMERTIME 5. LITTLE IRVIN - WHO'S LOVING YOU 6. HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNGHTERS - GET READY 7. BILLY WILLIAMS - THE PIED PIPER 8. THE KELLY FOUR - GUYBO. SIDE B: 1. YOUNG JESSIE - BROWN EYES (COME ON HOME) 2. HERB ZANE - THE PERSIANS TWIST 3. MIKE LAWING - IN L.A. 4. GINO PARKS - FOR THIS I THANK YOU 5. RUBY LEE - I'M GONNA PUT A WATCH ON YOU 6. GARY U.S. BONDS - MINNIE THE MOOCHER 7. NELLIE RUTHERFORD - LAUGHING AT ME 8. THE MASONICS - CALL IT A DAY.

    BACK IN STOCK - 2013.05

    ACT-UPS - TAKE ME HOME (10") 
    The Act-Ups are one of the best Garage Bands in Europe, with the Maestro NICK NICOTINE the man behind BARREIRO ROCKS. They really kick ass in rock'n'roll. Here they put a cover of the song MUSHROOM from the germanic psycho kraut rock band CAN...dont loose it!!!

    Bloodshot Bill is an exceptional rockabilly freak! Since 2001, he released several records each year on various international labels (Norton Rec (USA), Hog Maw (FR), Transistor 66, Sultan Rec, Rec Sin, the Flying Saucer (CAN), Ghost Highway (ESP), Squoodge Rec., Rhythm Island, Luna Sounds (GER). In addition he plays in dozens of bands (Tandoori Knight, Ding Dongs, etc.). Bloodshot Bill is a full-blooded musician. His publications are never boring and we are pleased to present to you a brand new 8 song 10" from Bloodshot Bill.

    Limited 10" vinyl issue coming with nice 2 colour poster. Way before Trash Rock there was The Workdogs just as way before Hardcore there was The Chumps. What these bands had in common besides being absurdly ahead of their time was anarcho-vocalist Rob Kennedy. Now the loopy motor mouthed blues poet has reincarnated yet again - this time as the Master of Ceremonies of The Stop and Shake Show - a "strip show soap opera" that features the superb musical stylings of The King of the Brazilian One Man Bands - Marco (Uncle) Butcher. Also the possessor of a prestigious rock n roll pedigree, Mr. Butcher is celebrated internationally for his kick-ass work with Thee Butchers Orchestra as well as The Royal Ass Shakers. It was Marco who found Rob K through the internet and began sending his raw, earthy instrumentals to Rob as mp3 files. Burlesque Sensations from around the globe are signing on for the opportunity to grace the stage with Rob K and Uncle Butcher as part of the wild, primitive STOP AND SHAKE SHOW! Educators and Theologians have lined up both in support and in denunciation of the wanton, lascivious STOP AND SHAKE SHOW! Together Rob K and Uncle Butcher bridge continents, oceans and time zones to create a new kind of Island music that runs 24 HOURS A DAY!

    Reissue of one and only album of BLUE THINGS, who like the REMAINS, were influenced by the British invasion of the mid 60's. This reisssue is a exact repro of the original with hard carton sleeve and original RCA 'Edison-dog' label. BLUE VINYL

    It's great to hear a brand new record that gives off electric sparks and a palpable sense of the teenage spirit that lies behind all great rock'n'roll sounds. The Cavestompers, six guys of Russian origin, from the city of Moscow. On this, their debut long-player, "Introducing.", The Cavestompers have woven together a truly fine tapestry of sounds - much of it resonating from the valves of vintage Eastern Bloc electronic technology, and instrumentation - breathing new life into familiar noises; building a thumping, swaggering collection of authentic future dance-party favourites in the process. The influence and style of punk rock isnt so far away, and hand in hand with the proclamations of the original Rolling Stones-era have been bound together in The Cavestompers style to form what we can term today as the new breed. So without any further ado, crank up your music machine, cue the disc and let your hips shake, your bootheels stomp and your head swirl, for as the boys in the band are proud to shout out loud: "we all cant stop the stomp"! The record came with a beautifull two sided insert print, photos of the Russian instruments and studios and photos of the band.

    Formed in 2002, The Dadds is a wildly 60s garage band in which voluptuously melt the groove of British R'n'B. The Dadds are able to combine English rocknroll with French pop music, everything kept at a rather retro level. The English rock elements show some parallels to The Buzzcocks, The Kinks, the Beatles and The Who, the French pop and rock side hints Les Problemes or Ronnie bird. This mixture of French and English influences is reflected in the vocals, too. There are eight songs in The Dadds native language and two songs in English. This their first longplay, here released in delux vinyl record

    Like their debut album, "Falling Off the Face of the Earth" was recorded at The Church in Brooklyn, engineered and mixed by David Horowitz (The Above), and mastered by punk legend Ivan Julian (Richard Hell and the Voidoids). 10 of its 13 songs have already been heard on radio stations across the U.S. and in Japan, France, Scotland, and Germany. Reviews: "...ear-piercing Farfisa, raucous guitars, driving rhythms and sneering vocals, echoing the surge of original punk that rocked a thousand suburban basements... Great original songs, blazing guitar riffs with neo-psych shades." (Hyperbolium) "Thirteen songs that move through the garage punk label perfectly... a band that makes a wall of 60's sound with total conviction." (Kick Out the Jams) "...uncompromising and unpretentious sounds of the great garage bands of the 60s... songs that catch fire right out of the gate and conjure images of The Yardbirds, the 13th Floor Elevators, The Stooges, and at times, even early Stones." (Burning Wood)

    On coloured vinyl and with reproduced labels and artwork, here's a reissue of the great second album ('67) from this leading '60s US garage-psych-pop outfit.

    Play Something We Know! from Groovy Uncle, the latest project from Medway mainstay Glenn Prangnell (Kravin "A"s, Goodchilde et al). Steeped in the Delta Beat tradition, the LP features a stellar cast of supporting musicians, including Allan Crockford (Galileo 7, Prisoners and many more), Ben Jones (Lovedays), Paul Moss (likewise), Ian Snowball (Aunt Nelly, Effectives) and the acclaimed State session players. More importantly, the 12-song set showcases a brace of damn fine songs from Glenn, rich in Beatlesque harmonies and melody, fully realised at Sandgate Sound Studios analogue 8-track recording facility. Many months of intensive sessions (interrupted only by trips to The Diamond Cafe for required sustenance) have resulted in what can only be described as a modern masterpiece - which doesnt sound at all modern, thankfully.

    Limited to 800 copies hand numbered + FULL SIZE POSTER Unmistakeable, unforgettable and entirely lovable, the Gruesomes have been Canada's premiere trash/garage rock quartet for well over two decades. Now, more than 25 year later Groovie Records takes this Tyrants Of Teen Trash, out of the box again, is only now seeing the light again. Ignoring such an oversight, this 13 tracks timeless bits of hippie-esque, twangy and slightly gritty rock'n'roll is still as upbeat and catchy as ever. From surf-influenced instrumental "Bikers From Hell" to "I Never Loved Her" and "Unchain My Heart," this punky blues rock has simplicity, snottiness and a tongue-in-cheek aspect that are sorely missing in modern rock'n'roll. Offset with bonus Jack The Ripper track, Tyrants Of Teen Trash is essential to both the history and future of bare bones Worldwide rockers. This release brings a bigsize colour poster of the band.

    Born in 2002, LOS MUSTAN 66 came from MEXICO city, formed by veterans from the garage scene of South America, Teresa Farfisa ex-LAS ULTRASONICAS, a girl only wild garage combo and Carlos P., that played Bass on the legendary band LOS SICOTICOS. They start to play covers of bands like THE SONICS and THE WAILLERS. They invited Sabu (LOS EXPLOSIVOS) to join them on the Vox Phantom guitar and they put here, in this LP 12 of the best tracks that they recorded to this release, the original tracks sunged in Spanish are really the best of this record, like "Infierno" or "Fuzz On" , but covers like "Writing on the Wall" (Five Canadians) or "Lean On Me" (Lord of Altamond) gonna put your head turning for a while. Along with LOS EXPLOSIVOS, LOS MUSTANG 66 are the wildest and heaviest combo in Mexico. They are obviously influenced by 80's/90's bands like Lords of Altamond, Cynics, Fuzztones or The A-Bones or even the CRAMPS, but they also have a personality that emerge here after 5 years of stage perfomances.

    Outside Looking In by The Offhooks, whom some may recall as legends of the Scottish garage scene back in the late 80s/early 90s. So for all you hungry dogs who thought Off The Hook was the groups only recorded legacy, heres where things get exciting: a complete, previously unreleased album, recorded in March 1990 at Chamber Studios in Edinburgh! This is no set of demos or rehearsal tapes, this is the real deal - its original release was only scuppered by the bankruptcy of the intended label! But aside from the historical importance of this album, what about the crucial bit - the music? Rest assured - its a killer! Equal parts fuzz and jangle, pounding beat-tastic bass and drums [thats hallowed Thanes frontman, Lenny Helsing rattling the traps], topped off with classic snarled-out angst-ridden vocals courtesy of Calvin Burt.

    The history of the Phantom Surfers is fairly uneventful. They have been consistently paying tribute to Los Angeles surf music and to the North West's garage-rock. Here with the reissue of their 1996 album, with nothing less than the surf guitar king, Dick Dale. The lp came with 3 unreleased tracks and a new artwork for this Groovie Records release. If you are a fan of the surf guitar and fuzzy rhythms of the US garage rock, this is your christmas LP. To put all the family dancing around the to 500 copies only

    That is one of those bands I would love to release myself on VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS, just to make that clear... I met CHRIS JACK back in Japan when I was touring with my band, THE MONSTERS. The gig in general was amazing and wild. We had naked men and almost naked girls at the show... and a rock'n'roll scene that I dream to have in Switzerland, with lots of girls' bands. I was super impressed, then Chris told me he had a band. He gave me his recordings and I heard that like 20 times a day... It was something like 10 years after I met The Sonics. FUCKING KILLER. Anyway, time went by and we kept contact all these years... Now THE ROUTES released an album on the fantastic GROOVIE RECORDS, from Portugal. A full INSTRUMENTAL album, a super fox on bass and a animal on drums, with the new Jeff Beck on guitars. That is RAW WILD and OUT OF CONTROL guitar instrumentals with sometimes an EXOTIC touch as in 'Bossa Hossa Nova', in 'Shove-it' or in the beautiful 'Yeti Spaghetti' and SURF instrumentals like 'Luck Of The Devil' or the SMASHER 'Hang Eleven'. This album is a super INSTRO KILLER! If you like The Shadows only, it may not be your cup of tea... but if you live in the gutter and drink booze instead of water, this album will be the HOLY GRAIL FOR ALL YOU SURF PUNKS OUT THERE!" - REVEREND BEAT-MAN (Master Of Disaster)

    Back in print. Canada's first proto punk band! The quartet's style was a combination of US punk precursors (like Velvet Underground, Stooges), krautrock and UK prog/psych when everyone else was copying what they heard on the radio. This is a 9-track collection of singles, live material and previously unreleased tracks, recorded 1974-'75.

    Penny Records pays homage to the classic horror movie icons of the fifties and sixties with mummies, Frankenstein, werewolves and Dracula galore! Grab your baby and crank up the hi-fi while these boys keep things rockin at the monster ball! Dont miss Tony & The Monstrosties totally mental "Igors Party", The Duponts cool "Screamin Ball", The Moontrekkers freaky "Night Of The Vampire" (produced by audio pioneer Joe Meek), the great Screamin Jay Hawkins "I Hear Voices", and Lord Luthers 1958 "(I Was A) Teenage Creature". Track list - SIDE A: 1. The Revels - Midnight Stroll 2. Ike Turner - She Made My Blood Run Cold 3. Tony & The Monstrosities - Igors Party 4. The Swingin Phillies - Frankentseins Party 5. Sheb Wooley - The Purple People Eater 6. The Duponts - Screamin Ball (At Dracula Hall) 7. The Hollywood Flames - Frankentseins Den 8. Lord Luther & The Kingsmen - (I Was A) Teenage Creature SIDE B: 1. Screamin Jay Hawkins - I Hear Voices 2. The Moontrekkers - Night Of The Vampire 3. Jackie Morningstar - Rockin In The Graveyard 4. Rod Willis - The Cat 5. Kip Tyler - Shes My Witch 6. Bob McFadden & Dor - The Mummy 7. The Monotones - Zombi 8. The Deep River Boys - Swinging At The Sance