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BACK IN STOCK - 2012.48

  • BACK IN STOCK - 2012.48

    Rising from the cellars of Turku, Finland, Black Totem attacks the general public with their second offering. Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets again, "I Will Haunt You" will sneak up on you and cast you back to the muddy depths of despair. This riveting new EP triumphantly combines the sound of primitive garage blues with the lo-fi aesthetics of punk rock and pulp horror. Just as on the debut EP "I Brought You Back" from 2009, the backbone of the duo's sound is built from Spit Poisons spooky dry vocals and the menacing witch drum of Tony Cash. The band even tortured the girls from The Seekrets and recorded their screams on the opening track. This is horror flavored rock'n'roll at its finest, and the three haunting cuts on this EP will chill you to the bottom of your old shivering bones. For fans of Samhain, Howlin' Wolf, Black Magic Six and satan.

    Lord must fix my soul - Find my body down. From the album Too Close Too Heaven, 2008.


    Black Magic Six is Finlands hardest working band in the underground rocknroll scene. A power duo consisting of a percussionist and a guitar-wielding singer, BM6 play relentlessly emotional bursts of dark, primal rock'n'roll energy. The restless duo turn over a new leaf with their new album, Brutal Blues. The title is a bit misleading, as the band has not quite become a blues combo. Instead of playing a set of 12-bar blues standards the dynamic duo brings you ten brutal slices of life in and out of the ordinary. Sonically the album is a more mature affair in comparison to their earlier masterpieces. It's a smooth mixture of rootsy blues and rockabilly, with even some country thrown in, all soaked up in the Devil's music also known as dirty, greasy punk rock. Brutal Blues is recommended for everyone. For best results we recommend to play it at maximum volume with your stereophonic sound system. Also playable in mono.


    Reissue on 180 grams vinyl. This was the second LP by late 60s titans The Chocolate Watch Band, produced by Ed Cobb for Tower Records in '68. Some tracks were recorded by the band, others by studio musicians. Includes both garagerock gems (check out the band's versions of The Kinks' 'I'm Not Like Everybody Else' or We The People's glorious 'In The Past') and truly mind alterning psychedelic excursions ('Voyage Of The Triest', 'The Inner Mystique'). Psyche fans simply won't be taken seriously without this title in their collections!


    Reissued on 180 grams vinyl, the legendary first album by San Diego's psychedelic garage-rock titans The Chocolate Watch Band, who also appeared in the famous film 'Riot On Sunset Strip'. Produced by Ed Cobb, this debut-LP (1967, Tower Records) contains steamin' garage rock killers s.a. 'Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In)' and 'Let's Talk About Girls' and serious psychedelic outings, among which the mighty trippy 'Dark Side Of The Mushroom'.


    Recorded February 2012 while on tour in Gijon, Spain, this album includes four songs recorded in Spanish, and was co-produced by longtime friend of the band and former member of the Spanish rock sensation Dr. Explosion, Jorge Munoz-Cobo Gonzalez. Finally taking Gonzalez up on his offer to record in his studio with vintage gear, they recorded the EP with little time to spare.


    Dismiss! Masks on! Or get hexed now with our favorite new band of 2007! Screw the bolts thru yer head for this debut release! The HEX DISPENSERS officially started on 6.6.06 and they contaminate us with evil pop and arsenic rock. From Austin, TX - the trio is Alex Cuervo on vocals and guitar (formerly in BLACKTOP, the KING SOUND QUARTET, the GOSPEL SWINGERS, the NOW TIME DELEGATION, a FEAST OF SNAKES and THIS DAMN TOWN), Tom Kodiak (KODIAKS, DIRTY SWEETS) on guitar and Alyse Mervosh (THIS DAMN TOWN, WINKS) on the best sounding drums. This is up-beat simple, loud, blues-poisened powerpop. 10 songs, nine originals and 1 cover "Down In The Park" from TUBEWAY ARMY.


    The looong awaited second album by our all beloved HEX DISPENSERS is here! The Austin top-tenners know how to deliver and feed the growing army of unbelievers with 12 new paranormal hit servings of their wolf spider soup, mexican bat-blood-ice-cream and medium norwegian reindeer eyes.


    The Lies LP, recorded in Hollywood with songwriting contributions from the likes of Glen Campbell, Jim Seals and Jerry Fuller, surrounds its iconic title hit with an eclectic assortment of tunes, including the catchy melodic gems "I Can Do It Better" and "Just One Girl, the widescreen pop experiment "I Believe in Her" and distinctive renditions of the durable standards "Youll Never Walk Alone" and "Harlem Nocturne." Although they ironically rode the faux-English sound of "Lies" to chart success, the Knickerbockers were actually seasoned live performers who were adept at whipping Garden State crowds into a frenzy long before the British Invasion hit U.S. shores. The quartets prowess as a high-energy live act is apparent on these two vintage LPs, originally released on Gene Autrys fabled Challenge label. Both albums brilliantly reflect the bands distinctive blend of Beatlesque jangle, garage grit and frat-rock adrenaline. Out of print in its original LP format for nearly half a century, this vintage 60s gem has been sourced from the original mono tapes and pressed on 180 gram vinyl, with complete original cover art. TRACK LIST: 1. Lies 2. I Can Do It Better 3. Can't You See I'm Tryin' 4. Please Don't Fight It 5. Just One Girl 6. I Believe in Her 7. Wishful Thinking 8. You'll Never Walk Alone 9. Your Kind of Lovin' 10. Harlem Nocturne.


    The Pre-Specialty session 1951-1953! The legend wants it that when Little Richard was working as a dishwasher in a restaurant, he used to sing and shout in the same irrepressible way that would make him famous a few years later, when his concerts were being televised all around the world. This set finally corroborates such a legend: The Implosive Little Richard illustrates the (re)construction process of the wildest, freest identity in rocknroll history. Here are all Richards first recordings from the early fifties with the Johnny Otis and Billy Wright bands, the Deuces of Rhythm and the Tempo Toppers. All his pre-Specialty, pre-Tutti Frutti waxings: his four RCA singles and all the 45s he recorded for Peacock Records. Gatefold sleeve with extensive liners, label shots, dozens of pictures, vintage press clipping and reviews. Tracklist: Get Rich Quick, Why Did You Leave Me, Taxi Blues, Every Hour, I Brought It All On By Myself, Aint Nothin Happenin , Thinkin Bout My Mother, Please Have Mercy On Me, Always, Aint That Good News, Fool At The Wheel, Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens, Maybe I'm Right, Directly From My Heart To You, I Love My Baby, Little Richards Boogie.


    180 GRAM. The Los Angeles based Lords of Altamont evoke the feeling of psychedelic influenced, 60s, biker mayhem with rock grinding guitars. Its been over a decade since the Lords Of Altamont have emerged the depths of the Los Angeles garage scene pounding their way to the top! With years of lineup changes Jake "The Preacher" Cavaliere, Shawn "Sonic" Medina, and John "Big Drag" Saletra have found their perfect lineup. Its been a long time coming, and now the Lords are complete. Harry Drumdini (of The Cramps) was truly the missing ingredient the Lords have been craving to regain power in the rhythm section. Harry brought back that primal urge to the Lords sound! The band has never been tougher, tighter, and sexier until Drumdinis and Sonics rhythm section has become one! The band (or should we say gang) has never been better!


    You've waded through the thousands of MC5 live recordings and outtakes, retread and re-released every Zenta New Year with different artwork, different names but the same old audio. Are you looking for something new to quench your high-energy Detroit rock and roll thirst? Try this on for size. Rumored to be the original demo reel JOHN SINCLAIR mailed off to Elektra Records back in 1968, this collection of live material is 100% unheard since then! Hard to imagine why as these explosive renditions hold up to the best of the 5's catalog. If ripping versions of 'Borderline' and 'Come Together' aren't enough, also included are THREE songs NEVER heard of before from the band. 'Softly In Love' is an original that starts softly and slowly builds to a droning eruption while 'What's a Matter Baby' sizzles along like John Lee Hooker's original and while 'Slow Down' trumps the Beatles version tenfold. Once these are gone...they gone.


    Exact repro of this cool collection of highlights from Detroit's legendary late '60s/early '70s rock band MC5.


    Back in print! Limited edition vinyl double LP on 180 gram wax. Comes with gatefold hand-numbered old school tip-on jacket, lyrics, and notes. Today, "garage," "psych," and "punk" are three overused words to say the least. They're dropped from every direction to brand, market, and sell, but looking back to the mid-1960s, there was only one group of musical mavericks that clearly defined them. THE MONKS were five beat playing American GI's stationed in Germany who, after their discharge, decided to stay and continue their musical mission. Meeting up with a team of local managers, they transformed themselves and their sound into a holy racket like the world had never known. This five-person order literally birthed the above genres through a fuzz-drenched evolution of sound, bursting with social commentary and future primitive rhythms.


    The influence of 60s Northwest garage pioneers The Sonics is wider reaching than imaginable. They were easily one of the first high-octane, lo-fidelity garage bands of their era or any, but the snarling energy, gritty tension and blood-curdling screams predated punk, blueprinted grunge and informed all rock and roll that was to come. It would only make sense then, that eventually a cache of dyed-in-the-wool Sonics fiends would come together to record 16 Sonics classics, in tribute to one of the most important bands weve ever known. Scott Mccaughey (R.E.M. / Minus 5 / Young Fresh Fellows) joined with Mark Arm, Steve Turner, and Dan Peters from Mudhoney, Tom Price (U-Men / Gas Huffer / Monkeywrench), Big Kahuna (Girl Trouble), and Craig Flory to form The New Original Sonic Sound. A seven-piece all star powerhouse! The Mudhoney factor is huge, as Mark Arms vocals lead the songs and 3/4 of the band is the backbone for NOSS. But more than sounding like Mudhoney doing a covers record, you really get a sense of how deep an influence The Sonics had on Mudhoney and all of these players, and all their friends and peers bands. The sense of reverence and purpose is audible, and the recordings are wild, electric and fun as hell.


    Mean-ass collection of 1964-1967 tuff walkin' punk pounders culled from LPs, rare 45s and unissued demos with blow-out insane sound. Features 'Out Of Our Tree', 'Hang Up', 'Livewire' and lots more slaughtering soundsations!. All killer, no filler.