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    14 slices of Slimy Colonial Grillfat and Mindless Aussie Boogie Excursions. LAST AND FINAL VOLUME IN THE BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS SERIES ! 300 COPIES ONLY.

    Australia... Not to say that Australians are in anyway backwards, but the Neanderthal thudding and basic rawness on show has a high reliance on thug attitude, beer, greasy Freak with a sprinkle of Sharpie. Here the Bonehead angle also features a strong belief in the hook, so dont be surprised if you find yourself singing along as you bash your head on the sideboard. Think AC/DC with a touch of Easybeats melodicism but on a much more BASIC level.

    Although some of these sides are from the early 70s, we have also delved into 1977 and sometimes beyond to achieve the perfect blend of catchiness and heaviness. We could have chosen some meaty examples of Bonehead by more well-known purveyors such as Hush, Coloured Balls, Supernaut or Buffalo (although we feature their first single released under the name of Head), but we decided to dig a bit deeper to find titles that werent readily available elsewhere. A big word of thanks must go to the guys behind the Wallaby Beat blog for inspiration and for turning us on to many of these sides.

    Side A : 
    1) Twister - Holy Smoke 
    2) Fat Daddy - Fat Funky Rock N Roll
    3) Francis Butlers Sixty-Niners - Flash
    4) Head - Hobo
    5) Chook - Cold Feet 
    6) Sparkle - Crazy Like A Fox
    7) Toxic - First Time

    Side B : 
    1) The Ash Band - Lets Go
    2) U Turn - Traffic Lights
    3) Geeza - Sydney City Ladies
    4) Bullet - Mover
    5) Macarthur - Good Stuffe
    6) King Harvest - Jumping Jack Flash (Part 1 & 2)