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BACK IN STOCK - 2012.45

  • LP (Album)


    The Creepy Creeps play an intoxicating concoction of surf mayhem and garage madness. The ingredients include the washed out drunken guitar of the Creepture with the frothing sounds of Dr Creepensteins coffin shaped keys, Creepulas thunderous drums, and the heart pounding bass of Dia De Los Creep. The drunker you get the better they sound and inebriation is all you can do to keep your bones from dancing right out of your skin. The Creepy Creeps home base is in San Diego and they have been playing the local surf and garage circuit for a number of years now, self releasing their efforts. "Fink About It," The Creepy Creeps first full-length LP for Dionysus Records, is a supercharged masterpiece. You will wear the album out in a matter of days and have to buy it again! Limited & coloured!


    The Defectors live in fuzz-o-matic stereo! This album was recorded by the National Danish Radio at the Gutter Island festival in 2002 where The Defectors opened this fine festival. Limited edition of 800 copies and only available on vinyl! This album is the 3rd part of a live series recorded at Gutter Island. The two first were Baby Woodrose and The Burnouts, which are both sold out now.


    This thing packs some of the raunchiest dirty-ass garage punk to come down the pike in while! We're talking some real inspired sonic muck here, folks. Combining the tracks from their first 2 singles, plus a bunch of new songs, this no-fi slimefest represents their last recordings as a guitar-guitar-drums trio (that's right, no bass!) before adding a couple of new members. Each LP comes with a unique access code for downloading to your MP3 player!


    Reissue with download code!! Yesss, it's the entire output ('65-'66) of the Preachers and their later incarnation, JOHN ENGLISH III & THE LEMONDROPS. This L.A. area '60s garage punk band is best known for their scorching version of Bo Diddley's 'Who Do You Love?', which appeared on an early volume of 'PEBBLES'. But there's much more great stuff on this 45rpm mini-album. Like a trashy instrumental opening, some doses of cool sixties punk with exactly the right attitude, and two irresistable, garagerock-ballads, beautiful yet razor sharp. The title track of this superb collection originally was a B-side by the band with a new moniker and new (and last) vocalist, John English. 'Moanin' is an amazing mixture of jazz, soul, blues and genuine garagerock. Utterly relevant for all collectors/fans of garagerock pionering and sixties punk. Members of the band were also involved with other great '60s bands such as the VEJTABLES and the W.C. FIELDS MEMORIAL STRING BAND.


    The third album by The Setting Son, a project that started out as a solo project for Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen who recorded more than 50 songs in his flat in Copenhagen on his 4-track tape recorder. Lorenzo Woodrose from Baby Woodrose got hold of the tapes and handed them over to Bad Afro Records, who released the first two albums with Lorenzo Woodrose as producer. The Setting Son have since then become a real band with their own take on psychedelic garage pop that is both blue-eyed and bittersweet. The songwriter, Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen has an ear for good tunes, and his characteristic voice and songwriting skills make The Setting Son stand out among the many bands today that are inspired by psychedelic music from the '60s. 'Before I Eat My Eyes & Ears' is more varied than the early material and more time has been spent on the details. The album is produced by Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen and The Setting Son in the Orangeriet studio in Copenhagen and the result is a more mature record that showcases another side of their talent. 'Before I Eat My Eyes & Ears' will be released as an LP and download.


    This amazing compilation of 1960's and very early '70s Christian garage music features all the tracks of the semi-legendary CLICK KIDS' (CLICK stands for 'Christ Living in Christian Kids') 1970 album 'The Click Kids Are Coming'. The Click Kids were a quartet from Bradwood, Oregon who were extremely popular with the x-ian youth in and around their home state. Other 'fellow believers' however thought they were "the work of the devil". Not only because the band didn't mind playing their songs of worship to topless and free love makin' crowds, or because of their outrageous psychedelic hippie van with the words 'Jesus Is A Soul Man' painted on it... Maybe The Click Kids weren't the greatest musicians in the world, but the 10 songs on their album have a serious edge and a very unique, enjoyable vibe. You get their sole album with the addition of both sides of one of the most demented Peruvian garage punk singles of the 1960s', DELAI ALAMOS' raving 'El Grito Del Los King', plus a Panamanian 'Go-Go Mass'! Incredible stuff! With extensive liner notes by Mike Andrews of KNIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE. Limited pressing!


    Viva Vertigo is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Simon Beck who under the moniker Viva Vertigo has put together a strong team of musicians to perform the songs on his debut album. The songs on Viva Viva have a timeless quality to them and finds inspiration in a wide range of sounds from the 60's to the present. Viva Vertigo combine upbeat rockers like "Devilhead" and "Viva Viva" with melodic baritone songs like "Jaguar Tornado" with great ease and the album sounds cohesive although the songs can be everything from dreamy, shamelessly poppy tunes to right on guitar rock with a ghostrider touch. Produced by Sune Rose Wagner from The Raveonettes and the album also features Mick Grondahl (ex- Jeff Buckley Band). Tracklist: 1. Devilhead 2. Viva Viva (Edie Sedgwick) 3. Los Angeles 4. Sugar cane 5. Shangri-la 6. Jaguar Tornado 7. Diamond Crush 8. Satellite Song 9. Songs On The Radio 10. The Hitch-hiker 11. Waltzing With Sin 12. Shade


    King Koen and his gang is back. After their first 7'' on Lost In Tyme records they're back with a full lp on Action Records. This garage legend band from Belgium is the ultimate vox band, manic vocals, swirlling farfisa and lot of fuzz. A must for every garage afficionado.


    Greek import. Debut album by new Greek garage punk band on ACTION records following their label mates SOUND EXPLOSION and CARDINALS. Strongly rooted in 60's garage tradition with haunting vocals and wild organ.