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EXPECTED - 2012.44

  • Single (7")


    Chicago 1966 garage punk Louie-riffed pounder b/w inept teen Chuck Berry-via-Stones cover.


    Diddley-beat 1966 upstate NY punk basher b/w ultimate titty-twist ridiculousness as made famous via the "Swing For A Crime" comp.


    Utterly classic Pebbles Volume One fuzzpunk Texas monster b/w cool teen take on an inspired-by-the-Stones version.


    With a line-up including Dan McGee (of the late great punk outfit DC SNIPERS), SPIDER BAGS are a garage-rock'n'roll band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Their music is an ode to the strange, subtly sad landscape that is America.


    Maxi Single


    The Last Drive doesn't need any special introduction. After their dynamic comeback in 2009, the album 'Heavy Liquid' and a series of live performances all around Greece, there was much anticipation for the arrival of their long-awaited new material. Twenty-three years after Time, their second EP is released, entitled 'News From Nowhere'. 'News From Nowhere' is an imprint of the difficult times we live; the sinking, and the occasional rise, a rock and roll band, two guitars, a bass, a drum kit. Four new songs - 'Never Let It Go', 'Butterfly 69', 'Black Rain' and 'Child Of The Sky'.


    LP (Album)

    Originally released in 1956 on the Imperial label and collecting both old and new chart-smashers, most of which were co-written with Dave Bartolomew, This is Fats Domino explains the legendary role Antoine Domino had, and still has, in New Orleans' popular culture. 'Blueberry Hill', 'Rockin' And Reeling', 'The Fat Man's Hop'... this is the soundtrack to a trip to Bourbon Street. "Fats won't ever grow like a weed or be as tall as a building", they used to say in New Orleans, "but he's as strong as the Mississippi and he'll be around just as long". Side A: 1. Blueberry Hill 2. Honey Chile 3. What's The reason I'm Not Pleasing You 4. Blue Monday 5. So Long 6. La La. Side B: 1. Troubles Of My Own 2. You Done Me Wrong 3.Reeling And Rocking 4. The Fat Man's Hop 5. Poor Poor Me 6. Trust In Me.


    My first sensation as I got this record in my hand was kind odd: at first sight, looking at the cover photo, I thought it was the umpteenth reference to Banda della Magliana style; after a book, a movie, a tv show which is affecting the pose of an entire generation downhere, I can't stand any other 'legendary' Freddo & Co. Luckly, of legendary, Funny Dunny have only the r'n'r' spirit. It is sufficient a listen to Both of You, to catch up their roots, 5 young men from Avellino (southern Italy), and it is like they are not so far from the boundless country living among 50s and 60s. In case You don't agree with me yet, we'll do with Why Did I?, a cover for our gentleman Jerry J. Nixon. Later, with Don't Beleve It we make up our mind and realize that Funny Dunny dress like Monks, - sort of preachers of the word of garage; simply granitic. Mugellos Theme, now get your swimsuit, because band's sound makes us dance like on the surf table, in perfect Trashmen style; and so on with the following B-side track.. I mean, the sea gets rough. The first side of this disc ends with Failure, a melancholic ballad with fuzzed guitar, and Sal Mirabella's voice which recalls Andrea Carminati's from The Kaams. Once again, North and South meet into the surprising national scene of garage panorama. The other half this record takes a more classic 60s British R&B drift. With I've been and Zizinzi, Funny Dunny drown the pain of blues pioneers in a lethal mix of alcohol and amphetamines; but, sometimes, as Pennac writes, you must "forget everything, even the future, and if they don't want to, if they want to remember, well, double shot!". Then it comes Otis, one of those tracks you should play during a lonely walk with no destination, when everything around you is just the frame of what you have lost; I haven't lost my Pazienza yet: "never take a step back, not even to take a run". White Powder Dream, and Funny Dunny tune with that kind of garage punk that I like; a track like Kicks from the Boot is one of those more appreciated podcast from downhere. It ends with the cover of She Said Yeah. When the stones start rolling, nobody can't stop them.


    Raw, impassioned, straight-from-the-heart garage rock intended to serve as the vehicle for the world-weary philosophies of the sage presiding over a dark corner of a half-forgotten barroom. Channeling equal parts Minutemen and Dead Moon, The Gary partly follow the tried-and-true Dischord formula: loud, primitive music can be enlightened as well.


    Compact Disc

    For four years, the magical twang of Duane Eddys E-string provided a string of hits, from the thundering 'Rebel Rouser' to the lyrical 'Because They're Young'. Duane's switch to RCA in 1962 ushered in a new era of vocal accompaniment. The charting days of twang adorned only by rebel yells and driving sax breaks was over. Peaksofts new release celebrates the classic four years, with Duane Eddy 20 UK A-sides in order of release, followed by 13 selected B-sides. FULL LISTING: 1 Rebel Rouser, 2 Ramrod, 3 Cannonball, 4 The Lonely One, 5 Peter Gunn Theme, 6 Forty Miles Of Bad Road, 7 Some Kind-a Earthquake, 8 Bonnie Comes Back, 9 Shazam!, 10 Because Theyre Young, 11 Kommotion, 12 Pepe, 13 Theme From Dixie, 14 Ring Of Fire, 15 Drivin Home, 16 Caravan, 17 The Avenger, 18 Deep In The Heart Of Texas, 19 Ballad Of Paladin, 20 (Dance With The) Guitar Man, 21 Stalkin, 22 The Walker, 23 Mason-Dixon Lion, 24 Detour, 25 Yep!, 26 The Quiet Three, 27 First Love, First Tears, 28 Moovin n Groovin, 29 The Secret Seven, 30 Rebel Walk, 31 Theme For Moon Children, 32 The Battle, 33 Saints And Sinners.

    Before Cliff slipped into a smart suit and tie and clipped his hair, there was a brief period when TVs Oh Boy and radios Saturday Club featured just enough wild rockers to keep us watching and listening to them . after all, those shows were all there was. Cliff and the Drifters were stars of both programmes and thanks to their almost instant baptism via live shows in theatres following the chart success of "Move It", they were soon belting out quality RocknRoll on the airwaves. In 1958, while teenagers were regarded as a passing fad from which they would soon recover and grow up . and until pop music became historically interesting, the BBC had an unfortunate policy of saving for posterity everything in their output, except the actual recordings of live programmes. These tapes were ceremoniously wiped or taped over to save storage space and cost. Meanwhile, every memo, written instruction, script and probably, stationery requisition, was kept and carefully filed away. Thus we can read exactly what the Director-General thought of Saturday Club, but not hear much of what it sounded like . unless some enterprising music aficionado preserved a tape or copied the broadcast off the air. One such fan of country music, RocknRoll and instrumental music was BBC engineer, Bernie Andrews. He engineered, and later produced, many Saturday Club sessions, felt that history was being made and that the recordings he helped create should be preserved. Until his death in 2010 he continued to record off-air many BBC programmes so that he and others could hear them again. From his archive created in the 1950s and early 60s come the remarkable recordings on this CD set that show what a great rocker Cliff Richard was. Many of the recordings seem superior to the released records for energy and sheer enthusiasm. Cliff was luck to have a great band from the start of his professional career . a driving rhythm section that soon became stars in their own right. A detailed booklet with notes by respected journalist and historian Rob Finnis tells the story of Cliffs RocknRoll years and is illustrated with rare photographs and memorabilia from the era. For historic reasons we have created two CDs containing tracks from Saturday Club: CD 1 features musical content from high-quality recordings plus some tracks of historical interest that were taped off-air (and are therefore of a lesser quality), these have been gathered at the end of CD1 and do not appear on CD 2. On CD 2 we have included the music together with the introductions and interviews just as they were heard in the original broadcasts.


    More psychedelic soul garage action featuring a.o. Jake Vest (Jack Oblivion, Trashed Romeos) and Reigning Sound's original drummer Greg Roberson. (He also worked with a.o. Jack Oblivian and was part of the latest -planned- incarnation of Arthur Lee's legendary '60s band LOVE, until Lee's sad death in 2006.) The studio serves as the band's home base of operation as well as the home of their wrecking crew style production team.


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