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NEW ARRIVALS - 2012.44

  • Single (7")



    A cool 7-inch from the US garage- and soulrock duo. The A-Side is taken of their 'Beat Stampede' full length, the flip 'Cry Baby' is a non-album recording.


    A cool 7"er from Chicago's now infamous garage-stomp 'n roll duo featuring Miss Alex White and brother Francis White. New Zealand import. Limited to 666 copies.


    EP (10")


    A split 10" that looks back at two British bands in a garage/r'n'b style. Pressed on deluxe 10-inch vinyl, from hand-cut masters, and housed in individually-numbered hand-printed sleeves, each collectable disc comes complete with a free download code for the more, uhm, modern among you. Released on a label whose roster includes Billy Childish, James Cauty and Jamie Reid, this release reads like a Who's Who of underground pioneers and media certified outsiders.


    LP (Album)


    COWBELL are Jack Sandham and Wednesday Lyle.The duo play garage/soul/rock'n'roll and write songs that combine a lyrical charm and ease with a sound that's full-bodied and powerful in spite of their stripped-down set-up. They take their influences from both sides of the Atlantic with a love for both the output of U.S labels such as Stax, Motown and Sun and for British sixties R&B bands such as The Small Faces, The Kinks and The Zombies. LP edition.


    140g Vinyl, 350g Cardboard CMYK Print and printed inersleeve, Incl. Free CD, Free Poster! HEART ATTACK ALLEY from Auckland New Zealand originated in 2009 in a series of blues jam sessions on Kristal Gs front porch. Kristal provided the guitar, and was joined by Dr. Karl Steven ( yes hes a Doctor and yes he did Play for Swedens Crossover Rap Band: Supergroove) on HARMONICA and STOMPBOX, and Caoimhe Macfehin on vocals. United by a appreciation for DIRTY, grinding music, Super Simple SPOOKY and MYSTERIOUS Guitar Riffs only POISON IVY ( the punk answer to ANGUS YOUNG) of THE CRAMPS where able to do and a Harp by Dr Karl Stevens a VOODOO HARMONICA how he calls it as sharp as LITTLE WALTERS back in the Days when that Instrument was a Dangerous Sex Pistol against Squarism and AUTHORITY and then : CAOIMHEs Vocals a Hot LAVA RIVER Of Feelings and words as sharp as a Butchers knife both Ultra Powerful in Lyrics and Melodies all 3 Together a Unbeatable Combo!


    Limited edition 180gr vinyl. Comes with insert with extensive info and liner notes on all bands and artists involved. This is not just an ordinary sixties compilation but a fine selection of rare or lesser known tracks. A real voyage of discovery through our musical past. This album features 16 fantastic beat and psych tracks by Belgian sixties bands who deserve not to disappear in the mist of time: The Sundrops, The Paramounts, Les Ombres, The Foottappers, Davy Jr and Guess Who, The Closed, Little Jimmy and the Sharks, The Snakes, The Tellstars, The Garnets, The Pebbles, Little Chris and the Boumerangs, Les Najas, The Young Devils,The Samo Reds and The Mec Op Singers: they all shine brightly on "Belgian Vaults Volume 1".



    Issue #2 of Flashback. Edited by Richard Morton Jack co-founder of Sunbeam Records and editor of the Galactic Ramble and Endless Trip books), it features writing from some of the worlds leading music authorities, including Richie Unterberger, David Wells, Patrick Lundborg and Aaron Milenski. A4 in size (with a gloss cover), 212 pages long and full-colour throughout, its packed with extensive new research, exclusive interviews and rare photos. CONTENTS INCLUDE: - TOMORROW: Richard Morton Jack on Britains great lost psychedelic band, with all new interviews (including Steve Howe) and previously unseen images - MORGEN: at long last, the full story of everyones favourite hard psych album - 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS guitarist Stacy Sutherlands last interview - EARLY HARD ROCK: Flashback nominates 100 of the best albums in the genre - YESTERDAYS PAPERS: a study of how vintage pop publications are preserved, and a guide to the best music mags of the 60s and 70s. HULLABALOO: an interview with Gerry Rothberg, editor of the legendary 60s pop mag - RAY RUSSELL: the legendary guitarist talks us through his early albums in depth - JUDY DYBLE: a detailed interview with the Fairport/Trader Horne singer - DRAGONFLY: The full story behind the legendary heavy psych band. - REVIEWS: indepth coverage of the latest CDs, LPs & books.


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