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  • EXPECTED - 2013.21

    The oft-used description "band that has created its own universe" couldn't hold more certainty than in the case of THE GROWLERS. Their personal imagery does not find comparison in the contemporary rock and roll scene, and is accurately self-described as "beach goth"; a mix of psychedelic vibes and surf twangs, rocking beats with songwriter skills, teenage sex and hobo-esque hipsterism in the tradition of Kerouac.

    Constantly rotating, both combos will throw some wild twist, ecstatic shake and rough rock'n'roll at the disposed spectator. This piece of vinyl pays tribute to the "battle of the bands" and everybody involved: Each person getting a copy of this black piece of gold can be proud to own this SUPEREXCLUSIVE, limited to 300 copies and NEVER AGAIN to be released record with 8 brand-new songs. Whoever does NOT buy this record, has lost.

    In 1976/77 the shortly to be Billy Chyldish, as well as being head of research in the counties first fortress study group The Medway Military Research Group, was working as an apprentice stonemason in Chatham dockyard. After seeing a feature on punk on the London Weekend show Billy thought he wouldn't half mind being the singer in a punk rock group himself. Childish duly left work and suggested to a few old secondary school mates that they should form one pronto. "What about a name?" they asked, "simple", answered Wild Billy, "we'll be called CTMF." Button Nose Steve, who was to shortly give Billy Chyldish his punk moniker - and even owned a Woolworths guitar, and Dave Marsh, a form mate who said he might buy a drum kit one day - both nodded slightly. 36 years later, and CTMF have finally come into being. No ones sure where Dave Marsh now is, but button nose Steve is busy feeding pigs and ducks on his small holding in New Romney and Billy Chyldish, with other mates, has recorded an LPs worth of material - and half a dozen 45s for different destinations around the globe - utilising lyrics first jotted down for the original CTMF line up in 1977. Billy describes CTMF group as "the epitome of modern" and their sound as "the sound of yesterday, tomorrow". All of their records are released under the moniker CTMF. Some say this stands for Copyright TerMination Front, others claim it is simply short form for Clarity Through Fuzz. There have been numerous rumours that Jimmy Cauty plays bass and that it is none other than Bill Drummond that can be heard on xylophone. Billy, however, muses that though he is indeed friends with Jimmy Cauty - and has in the past been in correspondence with Bill Drummond - he has never knowingly heard of the KLF as he "gave up on music after punk turned crap at the end of 77". People in the know can vouch that all this is in fact truth.

    DM3 - BEST OF DM3
    Collection of greatest 'hits' by post STEMS/SOMELOVES band DM3 as founded by Dom Mariani in the early 90's. SIDE ONE: 1. One Time Two Times Devastated (D Mariani) - from the album One Time Two Times Three Red Light 2. Foolish (D Mariani) - from the album One Time Two Times Three Red Light 3. Can't Get What You Want (D Mariani / D Mather) - from the album Road to Rome 4. Up In The Air (D Mariani) - from the album One Time Two Times Three Red Light 5. Soultop (D Mariani) - from the album Road to Rome 6. Just Like Nancy (D Mariani) - from the album Garage Sale Vol 2. - Italian Style 7. Second Floor (D Mariani) - from the album Road to Rome. SIDE TWO: 1. Far From Here (D Mariani) - from the album One Time Two Times Three Red Light 2. TV Sound (D Mariani / D Mather) - from the album Road to Rome 3. Anyway That You Like (D Mariani) - from the album Rippled Soul 4. Hold On (D Mariani) - from the album Garage Sale 5. Show You (D Mariani) - from the album Road to Rome 6. Lure (D Mariani) - from the album Rippled Soul 7. Take It All (D Mariani) - from the album Garage Sale Vol 2. - Italian Style.

    Here comes a fresh new 60s Garage/Beat/R&B quartet from the other side of the globe - HERE COME THE HIGH LEARYS! After releasing their first 7" on Groovy Records, these guys from Perth, Australia now present their sublime debut album to you, and Soundflat Records is proud to release it! The album is full of catchy melodies, some great party-attitude and a lot of that wonderful 60s Garage-spirit. All songs are self-composed and one of them is catchier than the next. Cheeky guitars and a cool organ support the characteristical vocals by singer Jamie Turner. You can hear the British 1966 influence as well as some 80s Garage-revival sound in a similar manner as THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS or THE GRUESOMES. Tracklist: A: Aint No Fire, Idolise Your Woman, Two To Match, You've Got What I Need, Down Time. B: Not Me (You've Got It All Wrong), Don't Leave Me Much A Man, Kanpai!, Let You Down, Sticks And Stones.

    14 tracks of garage rock'n'roll music! If you love the 50's & 60's rock'n'roll in the vein of THE SONICS, THE FUZZTONES, THEE OH SEES or THE JIM JONES REVUE, this record is for you!! Since 10 years ago, the Last Killers ravage everything on their way. Their songs stay inside the head and their shows are high in colours!! They became an essential band in the European garage scene, with lots of European tours and prestigious openings for bands like THE SONICS, THE FLESHTONES, THEE OH SEES, THE FUZZTONES, THE CYNICS... and their participation to the last COSMIC TRIP FEST in France... The band have built a good reputation!!

    On 180 gram vinyl. Manfred Mann's second American LP 'The Five Faces of Manfred Mann' is a worthy follow-up, boasting a dozen notable tunes including the hits 'Sha La La' and 'Come Tomorrow', plus some impressive originals and a distinctive version of the Herbie Hancock/Mongo Santamaria standard 'Watermelon Man' that give the musicians a chance to demonstrate their considerable jazz chops. TRACK LIST: 1. Sha La La 2. Come Tomorrow 3. She 4. Cant Believe It 5. John Hardy 6. Did You Have To Do That 7. Watermelon Man 8. Im Your Kingpin 9. Hubble Bubble 10. Youve Got To Take It 11. Groovin 12. Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron

    MORDECAI are the most charismatically tuneful knuckle-draggers in Missoula, Montana. The album 'College Rock' cruises and plods across twelve tunes that recall the rougher trades coming out of the UK, the early squall of Cleveland's proto-punk merchants and the reckless abandon of Will Shatter and crew. This rock trio lacks pretense, with their power coming from the electric joy of plugging in and turning up. Geographic isolation works in their favour, as guys of Mordecai's talent and vision would surely have been chewed up and spit out long ago by a more populous metropolis. Instead, 'College Rock' proves that at least a few residents of Silver Bow County can teach a lesson in urban detachment. For fans of Rocket From The Tombs, The Fall, Cheater Slicks, broken strings, late-night noise, etc.

    A dirty souding garage-blues-rock'n'roll husband & wife duo from Darmstadt, Germany, comparable to Lux and Ivy of The Cramps! Other influences include DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS, WALTER DANIELS, 68 COMEBACK, OBLIVIANS, GORIES, DIRTBOMBS or HOWLIN' WOLF, leading to steaming songs about good and evil, and about blood, sweat and tears! Lucky doesn't really 'play' his Telecaster, he hits it to produce those staccato riffs, and while he tortures strings and frets, he seems to withdraw into some religious sphere, which he seems to have to tell us about on the top of his lungs. To the backbeat of the drums his partner Sue keeps pounding relentlessly. Add to that some surprising breaks and you get the picture.

    ZEBRASSIERES are back with a surprise called 'I Am A Human', a full length packed with 10 crisply songs of their frantic synth-driven power-pop. This party platter brings some upgrades especially in song writing, which is rich in variety so the artwork is more colourful. Even more microphones are in the zoo, so this comes with additional and perfectly fitting male/female vocals to let the party get closer to your eardrums before you go completely nuts. From the handclaps guided intro-stomp of the titletrack, via the REATARD-ish 'Enter The Third Dimension' and two more bouncing poppers through to the psychedelic head-banging finale 'Opinion' on side A. One thing is for sure: It's not a test! It's ZEBRASSIERES at their best!

    BACK IN STOCK - 2013.21

    Music is a voyage of strange opportunity. Out there, if you look hard enough, youll find crazed visionaries, half deaf creatives, lunatics let loose with whistles, juvenile delinquents with a notepad and pen and people who, quite frankly, have no time for the theory of pop. Thank God! This collection brings together two dozen songs by such people, tunes that dont fall into any easy categories and give short shrift to the context of "classic" or traditional songwriting. This is the stuff of legend, the Beat from Badsville. Tracklist: Side A. Spooky Doo Wop And Insane Harmonies 1. The Kuf-Linx - Service With A Smile 2. The Quotations - Imagination 3. The Symbols - Do The Zombie 4. The Revels - Midnight Stroll 5. The Five Sharps - Stormy Weather 6. The Pearls - Ice Cream Baby Side B. Angry Babes Getting Even 1. Wanda Jackson - Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad 2. Betty McQuade - Tongue Tied 3. Priscilla Bowman With Al Smiths Orchestra - A Spare Man 4. Little Sylvia - Drive, Daddy, Drive 5. Bella Lee - Two Timin' Man 6. Linda Leigh And Treasure Tones - My Guy Side C. Rumbling Rhythms And Wildcat Whistling 1. The Rialtos Featuring Freddie Thomas - Like Thunder 2. Ronnie Ray's Playboys - The Vulture 3. The Caps - Red Headed Flea 4. Terry Snyder - Rock-A-Bongo Boogie 5. Johnny And The Hurricanes - Bam-Boo 6. The Lifeguards - Everybody Out'ta The Pool Side D. Chickens And Other Party Animals 1. Homer Denison Jr. - Chickie Run 2. Mel Smith And The Night Riders - Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Sox) 3. Dicky Doo And The Don'ts - Wild Party 4. The Five Stars - Pickin' On The Wrong Chicken 5. Bill Carter And The Rovin Gamblers - Baby Brother 6. Ron Haydock And The Boppers - 99 Chicks

    Wild 60s Ohio garage band mayhem from the ALARM CLOCKS. whose sole 1966 single 'Yeah'/'No Reason To Complain' remains one of the rarest and most sought-after 60s punk singles ever. This 1st time collection includes the 1st time reappearance of their landmark 45, plus raw, insane '66 studio tapes and early recordings as THE PERCEPTIONS. Clean blast of 100% unadulterated teen-age crude.

    Prepare for this long-awaited collection celebration of rare, unknown and unissued demos and live recordings from Norton/Kicks teen kings the DEL-AIRES! Dig the colossal 'ZOMBIE STOMP', the first ever collection of 1959-1963 East Coast twist/grease/instro/rockabilly/rock n' roll from the Vitalis vindicators of the stage, the screen and shellac! You know them as the sand-kickin' stompers in HORROR OF PARTY BEACH. Now revel in a full onslaught of Del-Aires fabulousness, including their earliest pre-Del-Aires recordings and the mythic Angel Lounge live sets -direct from master tapes- unreal sound! Massive gatefold packages with extensive bio notes! Giant gatefold vinyl foot long schlong! WAX 'EM DOWN! So Far-So Long / Someplace Else / Wigglin And Wobblin / Drag / Sing Sing Sing / Arlene / Treble Rock / The Crawl / Zombie Stomp / Back Beat No. 1 / Ive Got My Eyes On You / Stubborn Kind Of Fellow / Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah / Do You Love Me / Black And Blue / Wigglin And Wobblin / Berserk / Horror Of Party Beach Trailer *=previously unissued

    Two Headed Dog/Dont Shake Me Lucifer/Bermuda/The Wind And More/Starry Eyes/I Walked With A Zombie/Stand For The Fire Demon/Bloody Hammer/Wait For You/Wake Up To Rock And Roll/Youre Gonna Miss Me/Creature With The Atom Brain/I Think Up Demons/The Beast/Ive Just Seen A Face/The Interpreter/White Faces/KLBJ Radio Ad. This howling live set from Roky and the Explosives original incarnation moves from horror classics (Creature With The Atom Brain), to Buddy Holly inspired rockers (Wait For You) to a blistering version of the Elevators Youre Gonna Miss Me. Nortons gatefold double LP comes with a different cover than the CD version and on the preferred miracle PVC format!

    The Figures return with fifteen blazing Stooges/Velvets inspired new songs recorded live in one night in a Brooklyn basement studio! Original members Wheeler Dixon and Michael Downey are joined by Mick Collins (who produced the LP), Miriam Linna and Marcus "The Carcass" Natale. Tracks: My Box Rocks/Fifteen Minutes Of Fame/Alice/Black Plague Blues/With A Girl Like That/You're So Innocent/ Is It A Dream?/Colleen/World Of Pain/Mellow The Fuck Out/Family Fun Night/Screwed/A+/Youre Just Another Macaroon/Don't Call Us, We'll Call You.

    The first official album release from legendary British soul/mod /psych heroes. Often bootlegged, the Fleurs never managed to release an album until now. They were Atlantic Records' UK house band, they backed Sharon Tandy on her chart successes and played on hundreds of cuts anonymously, never quite obtaining the respect that they deserved. Acid Jazz Records in collaboration with the only constant member, Keith Guster, have put together this glorious album that will see the Fleur de Lys take their right place in the pantheon of '60s legends. Tracklist: 1. Hold On 2. Mud In Your Eye 3. Circles 4. So Come On 5. Liar 6. Love Them All 7. You've Got To Earn It 8. Tick Tock 9. The Bitter With The Sweet 10. Brick By Brick 11. Wait For Me 12. Two Can Make It Together 13. I Forgive You 14. Stop Crossing The Bridge 15. Gotta Get Enough Time 16. I've Been Trying 17. Gong With The Luminous Nose The LP includes an exclusive poster.

    A release of rare mod sounds from the mid '60s! The Frays were a UK R&B-combo. Previously known as The Sneekers, they had a Shel Talmy produced single on Columbia in '64. In 1965 they changed their name to The Frays and recorded a 12-track LP at the Marquee studio in Wardour Street, London. Unfortunately the album wasn't issued at the time, since the single off the album ('Walk On' b/w Keep Me Covered', put out by Decca) didn't chart. But had this Frays LP been issued at the time, it would definitely have stood shoulder to shoulder with the great British R&B albums of the era. Now, at long last, The Frays and their album '90 Wardour Street' can be appreciated as the best in British R&B.

    Legendary producer Terry Manning grew up in El Paso, with his eyes and ears glued on his hero Bobby Fuller. Steeped and stewed in local rock n roll sounds, Terry, and his teenage garage combo The Wild Ones, recorded their version of the burgeoning early '60s Southwest ruckus. Terry came across this lost tape box recently and brought it home to Norton to hitch another piece onto the expanding El Paso rock n roll puzzle. Nortons 'EL PASO ROCK' series is available on LP and CD. Collect them all! Nervous Breakdown / Memphis / Just This Once / Youre In Love / Hey Baby / Sweet Little Sixteen / Boney Maronie / Mathilda /Across The Bay /Forever Christine / Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home) / Patty Baby / Way Down Yonder In New Orleans / The Dog All titles previously unissued

    First ever US vinyl reissue of classic 1965 debut LP. Massive sound on 180 gm vinyl. Gatefold cover, posh commemorative packaging. Sleeve notes by MIKE STAX. Tracklisting: Roadrunner/Judgement Day/13 Chester Street/Big City/Unknown Blues/Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut/Honey I Need/Oh Baby Doll/She's Fine She's Mine/Don't Lie To Me/The Moon Is Rising/Pretty Thing.

    LIMITED EDITION 500 COPIES. LP black 180 grams vinyl 350 grams carton Gatefold sleeve with Japanese plastic bag. Liner notes Mike Stax / Ugly Things Magazine. To their fans - then and now - Q65 were more than a musical group, they were a way of life. Formed in The Hague in 1965, Q65s wild, unconventional music and rebellious image quickly inspired a large and fiercely fanatical following. From early 1966 until late 1967 they laid siege to the Dutch charts with a string of outstanding singles: from the roughshod rhythm & blues of Youre The Victor to the explosive psychedelic rock of So High Ive Been, So Down I Must Fall. This deluxe vinyl set gathers together all of Q65s 1966-67 singles for the first time, all mastered from the original tapes in glorious mono, as heard on those original 45rpm releases. The stellar lineup of tracks includes their defining hit The Life I Live, Cry In The Night, the vitriolic I Despise You, the exclusive 45 mix of From Above, World Of Birds and It Came To Me. All four tracks from the sought-after Kjoe Blues EP are also featured, including a blistering, fuzz guitar-spattered version of Jimmy Reeds Aint That Loving You Babe, and their utterly stoned-out, zoned-out take on Robert Johnson's Ramblin' On My Mind. Beautifully packaged with all the original single sleeve artwork and full liner notes, THE LIFE I LIVE presents Q65 in their prime, making music of a deeply inspired brilliance few bands could ever hope to match. Chapter A: 1. You're The Victor 2:25 - mono 2. And Your Kind 3:09 - mono 3. The Life I Live 3:19 - mono 4. Cry In The Night 2:14 - mono 5. I Despise You 2:24 - mono 6. Ann 2:49 - mono 7. From Above 2:48 - mono 8. I Was Young 2:35 - mono. Chapter B: 1. World Of Birds 3:24 - mono 2. It Came To Me 2:33 - mono 3. Aint That Loving You Babe 2:17 - mono 4. Rambling On My Mind 4:47 - mono 5. No Place To Go 3:07 - mono 6. 80% O 2:45 - mono 7. So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall 3:09 - mono 8. Where Is The Key 2:18 - mono. Original MONO single versions REMASTERED IN THE 24-BIT DOMAIN FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES.

    Mega-deadly scalding second album. Shreds the speakers with 'Cinderella', 'He's Waitin', 'Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark', 'Shot Down', all of Boom!! plus 4 BONUS tracks. Originally surly GATEFOLD LP jacket plus interviews with all of the Sonics.

    The 'Hello, Lucille Are You A Lesbian?' king is back from parts unknown with a frantic new album that defies all description! Featuring Norton's newest sensations DADDY LONG LEGS on rumblin R&B instrumentation, the legendary Chicago soul screamer delivers the insanest, rawest collection of evil ass twisted genre-manglin blues EVER! Crossover, MY FOOT! Young Girls, Young Girls / Bald Headed Benny / Shake Your Funky A-S-S / Cell Phone / Why You Leave Me / You So Fine / Please Dont Freeze / I Want You To Have My Baby / The Vampire / The Death Of Betty Sue / Gravediggers

    'A Tribute to NOLAN STRONG & THE DIABLOS'. Compilation dedicated to Fortune Records R&B giant Nolan Strong! Andre Williams has this to say in his liner notes: "Hearing these Diablos songs re-interpreted today just proves how timeless Nolans music will always be. I can hear the admiration and respect towards Nolan in each and every track." LONG LIVE NOLAN STRONG! LONG LIVE FORTUNE RECORDS! MARK SULTAN The Wind/DIRTBOMBS Daddy Rockin Strong/CUB KODA Youre The Only Girl, Delores/OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY (Yeah, Baby) Its Because Of You/ANDRE WILLIAMS WITH THE A-BONES The Way You Dog Me Around/DANNY KROHA AND THE DEL TORROS Do You Remember What You Did/REIGNING SOUND Mind Over Matter/WRECKLESS ERIC AND AMY RIGBY I Want To Be Your Happiness/A-BONES Real True Love/HENTCHMEN The Mambo Of Love/DEMONS CLAWS Try Me One More Time/GENTLEMAN JESSE AND HIS MEN Harriette Its You/LENNY KAYE I Wanna Know Vinyl LP only.