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Ty Segall

  • Ty Segall anyone? Synchronicity brought my attention to him and I am loving his stuff.

    Last week a friend mentioned his name on facebook and I didn't know who he was so just ignored it. Later that same day I was digging through the vinyl stacks at Cheap Thrills in Montreal and the clerk was playing a great record- heavy, thick, garagey and intense. So I asked him who it was and he said Ty Segall. What? Ok, I must buy that. Then my wife comes over to me and says "hey this is a great record, we should buy this." When the universe gives you a sign, you should listen to it. SOLD!

    The record was his new one, Slaughterhouse by The Ty Segall Band. I read in an interview he was going for Stooges meets Sabbath evil space-rock. Well, he succeeded- that's a good description of what it sounds like. We also bought Hair, the record he made with White Fence. That one is great too, it's more glam than punk but still garage and lo-fi. Apparently this guy is super prolific; both these records came out this year.

    Anyone else like this guy? What other Ty Segall records are good? I know he put out an EP of T. Rex covers for record store day a couple years ago, would love to hear that.