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New releases are coming!

  • Dear garageros the time has come to put you aware of the novelty of The Mighties! First thing: we're about to release a new EP which will be called, very likely, "Misty Lame Vol 2" and will contain 5 new songs recorded in the repulsive fetid studies of the "Baita". Just long enough to finish the graphics and everything will come out next month, October '12 ! 

    But this is not enough so this week we will start the registration of other five songs that will form yet another EP that will come out early next year! Fuck yes, we are more prolific than a rabbit in heat!

    We are looking for new gigs where we can bring delight with our wild live show where you can "shake your love like a jellyfish!!" Get The Mighties! Get The Mighties!