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Old Punk on Hope - Finally, some rock and roll on the radio in the AM! Thank you 3D Radio Adelaide

  • Thank you Dave and Mark at 3D Radio for Smash It Up. I had almost given up hope that anything decent could be found on the local airwaves.Yeah, dumb to bother, but really, even the local RACK station won't play anything louder than 21 Guns before 2pm. V. sad.

    Thanks be for podcasts. Still, it's nice to have real live guys hanging on the radio sharing their faves. Call me old-fashioned.

    Loving the show this am. I don't think the neighbours are tho'. Stiff.

    Here's one of my faves from back in time 1976 -- best version, except when they played it LIVE 'o course. Can't find a live one online! If you have one, please share!