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Old Punk on Hope - Feeling like a loud song? Me too.

  • Ok, yeah, I know. There are people here in the Hideout who think Acca Dacca is naff. A bloated, sad old band. Hey! That happens to a lot of bands I've loved. 

    Doesn't mean I cain't indulge once in a while (the Bon Scott phenomenon). And that goes for this song. And I like this version. Why? Something about the way AA sings, "hey satan, kiss my ass." Must be the phrasing.

    For those of you not in Oz, you've missed out on a show we have here called Rockwiz. It's shot at the Espy Hotel, on the Esplanade in St. Kilda, Melbourne. Once cool, it's now more of an odd tourist trap. St. Kilda used to be nice and raunchy -- red light district, all manner of nasty types hanging out listening to shock! horror! Rock Music. Alas, the area has been gentrified. Which is code for kick the bands and the riff-raff out. Shame really.

    Rockwiz is a rock trivia show with it's own house band and many an obscure Aussie rock legend making an appearance. And yes, the 2 out of 6 panelists every week are musos. Being an immigrant who loves music, it's a great education in Aussie rock history.

    Fave episode: the question was in the rapid fire round. Contestants had to answer yes or no quickly to: makes faces when plays guitar same as when having sex BLANK. And Ian Moss answers yes to his own question. :-)

    At the end of the week's episode, there's usually a duet with the 2 guest musicians.

    The one I'm linking is the duet from Sarah McLeod (she rocks) and AA.

    It's not garage, it's not punk. It's only rock and roll. And I like it.