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Old Punk on Hope - Fuck, I've got another blog?

  • Well, it was bound to happen. I have 2 work-related blogs that don't allow for my musings on music, past, present and future, so I'm diggin' having a little corner in the Hideout to type out such things.

    It's all Thee Gravemen's fault I found the Hideout -- if I hadn't sent a thumb's up to Dirty Water Records, it might have taken me even longer to find GPH. And once I got onto the DWR FUbook page, I couldn't stop clicking on the Witch Woman video. Damn, that's a catchy, insidious tune. They Rock.

    So how does an old punk who grew up in Chicago (I practically lived at The Space Place - ring any bells?), moved to Boston (conveniently lived down the road from The Rat) end up living in Adelaide, South Australia? Long fucking story. Some other time maybe...

    Best part of the Hideout so far? Finding people with the same taste in music here in Adelaide, which isn't always easy. If you are in Adelaide, you can find me on Sundays easily. I work out of the Fishermen's Wharf Markets -- a trashed out old shed full of what else, trash and treasure. Some days I joke that I'm the treasure, but on others, I'm definitely there with the trash. There's a vintage clothing seller near where I work, which is awesome.

    If you are in Adelaide and like vintage and retro, it's def. worth a look. Best part of today was listening to the local 3D radio Sunday BBQ show while at work. This week, along with the early R'nB as normal there were some expected tributes to Etta James and Johnny Otis. They promised more of the good stuff next week from 12 to 2. Check it out! Next too me is a guy who sells refubished pinball machines. A total fanatic.

    It's all fun on Sundays in Adelaide.

    Thank you to Kopper for building the Hideout.