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Twitter Caves?

  • BBC has just run an article about Twitter handing over tweets related to an Occupy Wall Street case pending.

    For all of you who spend a good deal of time in the cyberworld, you may want to pay attention.

    According the the article,

    "The Manhattan district attorney's office wanted the tweets to help its case against protester Malcolm Harris.

    It believes the messages undermine Mr Harris' claim that New York police led protesters on to the Brooklyn Bridge to make it easier to arrest them. It claims the messages will show Mr Harris was aware of police orders that he then disregarded.

    Mr Harris has pleaded not guilty to the charges."

    If this evidence goes forward, look out -- cyberspace will become a very chilly place for dissenters to voice there opinions to the wider world.

    I reiterate: this is happening in NYC, not Beijing --

    In other news regarding FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the right to peacefully protest, check out this latest installment in the Pussy Riot incarceration story!

    Pussy Riot Protestors!

    Headline Reads:

    "Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has suggested that three activists from punk band Pussy Riot should be freed."

    Interesting. Looks like Medvedev isn't reading from the same page as Mr. Putin. What is this, good cop, bad cop? One can only hope that Medvedev is signalling in the correct direction and puts his statement into action.