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The Ungodly 77s: greasy rock & roll now free access and podcast friendly!

  • Hello, fellow Garagepunkers!

    You may have heard the greasy rock & roll music of The Ungodly 77s on the Garagepunk Hideout's various podcasts, or maybe you have heard it via the latest GPHO compilation "Garage Monsters".

    We believe music is best shared.

    So now, you can feature the band's brand of blackened blues on your very own broadcasts, for free!

    We are offering our music for free to any podcaster, broadcaster, movie maker, etc. 

    Head on over to our Garagepunk Hideout page, listen to the tunes there, and if you like what you hear...

    We've got hits like "Never Stop Drinkin' & Never Go To Sleep", "They All Brought Knives", "Don't Nothin' Hurt Like My Back & Sides", "Run Outta Town", and more!

    Just send us a message and we'll send you tunes of your choice use however you like on your soundtracks.

    If you are not a broadcaster but still want some, have no fear: we would like to offer you a 70 minute CD chock full of our professionally recorded music for the low price of $6 post-paid.

    Just send us a message via our Garagepunk Hideout page and we'll easily go from there. 

    Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing from you.