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Hits for money/misses for fun

  • Started 60s cover band- The Shreds Of Evidence about 3 years ago. Went thru a few members to get a group that worked. Been gigging since Aug. 2011. Doing well known hits, radio neglected Nuggets and a couple comp type things like Choc. Watchband, Rabbit MacKay. This band has helped with the bills, hence the "mostly known" play list. Being close to Chicago, I could play all Hideout-hip stuff and get paid nothing or do Love/Prunes/Amboy Dukes/Seeds/Beatles/Stones/DC5/Yardbirds and make some decent scratch and still throw in a couple obscurities a night. First time we played Misty Lane the crowd got up and danced to it despite the ocassional tempo changes. Nobody in the audience knew it. Next up, a few more obscure cuts after my band decides what they like from what I turn them on to. I'm gigging with a 1964 Fender Vibrolux Reverb, 4th off the line, 1st month made. Purchaesd from Judy Z. of local 60s all girl group- The Same (name coined by Paul Samson of Cellar fame). Plus '66 SG I've had for 30 years and a '76 Tele custom (orig. owner). Also Conrad 12 string electric that looks like Hoffner bass. Having a lot of fun. Gotta' get more biz cards and scrounge some more gigs.