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Bibliodiscoteque #10 - The Master and Margarita



    Setlist Episode 10 – The Master and Margarita

    Where’s The Devil… When You Need Him?  - The Legendary Shack Shakers
    Do the Devil Amazing - Royal Crowns
    Sympathy for the Devil – Bluegrass Tribute to The Rolling Stones
    Where Evil Grows – Gore Gore Girls
    Up Jumped The Devil - Texabilly Rockets
    El Diablo Is Back - Washington Dead Cats
    Mr Satan - WitchDoktors
    Devil Got My Woman  - Skip James
    cutemonsters - The Clock Tones
    Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe? - Red Fox Chasers
    Catwalk Jack – Constanzo
    Black Cat  - The Young Werewolves
    black cat burning  - Bourland - Music alley
    Black Cat Bone Blues – Bukka White
    Cat (On A Hot Tin Groove) – Morlocks
    Black Cat – Phone Joan
    I’ve Got the Devil Inside – Reverend Beat-Man
    Bad Girl –  The Detroit Cobras
    Novacaine – Persian Claws
    The Transylvanian Twist –  The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies
    Go To Hell –  Nina Simone