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Bibliodiscoteque Ep 41 - Tiki P.I.

  • Well folks, we are back! Rest assured that in my three weeks away from GPPN, I've been a busy busy beaver, a hummingbird on speed, and rat chewing his way free of the cage. I'm free. I'm fast. I'm easy. 

    So, as you may or may not know, I am not only a podcaster here at GPPN, but a comic book author. Yup, a real Renaissance kinda guy with way too much time on his hands and an overactive imaginatin to boot.


    Tiki P.I. is Hawaii's only supernatural detective: a mix between Jack Lord's Hawaii 5-0 and Bugs Bunny. It's the perfect optical treat for when you've run out of things to read on the back of a box of sugar cereal. 


    You can hear what it's all about on this month's show or head over to the Tiki P.I. web site and order yourself a copy. 

    Here's the tracklist for this month's show:


    Fanfare For A Well Dressed Man - The Reigning Monarchs
    Showman Twang Tiki Gods -The Dustaphonics
    Blastin’ Days In Honolulu – Hawaii Samurai
    High Tide Catastrophe – Jaguar And The Savanas
    Asteroid Rock  - Magnetix
    Out Of This World – Coffin Nails
    It´s A Monster – Wild Evel And The Trashbones
    Dead City – Legendary Kid Combo
    Bloody Holiday – Nekromantix
    Highway Monster – Ati Edge and the Shadowbirds
    Buzzzz  - Fifty Foot Combo
    Return Of The Death Ray – Bomboras
    Rattle My Brain – Bloodshot Bill
    Mr. Mysterioso’s Secret Siren – Steve Reverb & The Sound-Tones
    Professor Moriarty I Presume – The Nine Ton Peanut Smugglers
    Electrostatic Brain Field – Man Or Astro-man?
    We’re Gonna Tangle – Tijuana Bibles
    Only The Strong Survive – The Creepy Creeps
    Shark Attack – The Coffin Daggers
    Guns of Diablo  - Guitar Slingers
    Bikini Sunset  - The Volcanos
    The Last Gamma Ray – Retroactive Gamma Rays  
    Space Age Surfin’ Love Song  - Surfadelica

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