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This Island Surf Ep. 1 Redux

  • Hello Bibliodiscophiles!

    AS some of you may know, the last episode of Bilbiodiscoteque to hit your eardrums was #49. The last before the milestone (not counting the XXX episodes and AudioBibioCool). Well, I needed to take a break. Four years is a long time to maintain this pace.

    So I'm changing it up a bit here. I've got a fancy new show with a fancy new cover art. For those of you following me on Mixcloud, you know that I've released a few 1/2 hour episodes as a way to blow of some steam. Know I have decided to expand them into an hour long thing.

    This Island Surf is all about surf, exotica, soul, ska, and some rockabilly. It's music for your love-nest, cook out, Tiki bar, or just sucking face in the back of a car. It's dance music with no agenda other than to make you shake your ass.

    Soda Soda Shake Boom Boom!
    Erik (DJ Morton)

    Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica – Andalucia
    The Tormentos – The Search for the lost Tiki
    The Vulcanos – Bruce Wayne Goes to California
    Lynn Taitt and The Jets – Bat Man
    The Menn – Ian Fleming Theme
    Los Barreiro – Rey de la Radiofonia
    Annette Funicello – Pineapple Princess
    Speedball Jr. – Maiden Surf
    Los Straightjackets – The Mad Scientwist
    The Left Arm of Buddha – Monkey’s Affair
    Marcel Bontempi – Dig A Hole
    Angela and the Fans – I Know You
    Robert Mitchum – Coconut Water
    Enzo Bontempi – Italian Spiderman
    Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion – Satan’s Invisible World…Revealed
    Pedrito Diablo and Los Cadaveras – Desenfunda Forastero
    Rodney and the Blazers – Oriental Nightmare
    The Secret Samurai – Carioca
    Pirato Ketchup – That’s Right
    Kava Kon – Chinese Surfer
    Way Out West – Saturday Night at the Duck Pond
    Don Ralke – Fascinating Rhythm
    Ethel Azama – You’re So Bad For Me
    The Tikiyaki Orchestra – Sunset on the Kona Kai

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    This Island Surf REDUX by Bibliodiscoteque on Mixcloud



  • køpper
    køpper You gonna post these on the GPPR blog, Erik?
    May 26, 2014 - 1 likes this
  • Erik Carlson
    Erik Carlson Joey - Its a mix that gets better with clear alcohol.

    Kopper- I will. I created these shows prior to the latest podcast update about time and size, so I was pndering doing a Redux Redux. Essentially I fixed the size of the file, but not the time. Ep 3 ...  more
    May 26, 2014