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Bibliodiscoteque Ep 52: The Corpse Wore Pasties

  • The Periscopes – Beaver Shot
    The Genteels – Take It Off
    Mel Smith – Pretty Plaid Skirt
    Reverend Beat Man – Don’t Stop to Dance
    Gold Dust Lounge – Bunny Yeager
    The La Bombas – Taboo
    Big Bo and the Arrows – Big Bo’s Twist
    The Embers – Alexandria
    The John Barry Seven – The Stripper
    Earls of Suave – In My Dreams
    Stinky Lou and the Goon Mat – Sexual Feeling
    The Cramps – I’m Customized
    Los Mambo Jambo – G String Murders
    The Megatons – Shimmy, Shimmy Walk Pt 1
    Eddi Platt – Cha Hua Hua
    Miss Kitty and The Texas BS Band – The Pussy Cat Song
    Arsen Roulette – Shake It All Around
    Daddy Long Legs – Long John’s Jump
    The Spellbinder – Casting My Spell
    Syd Hale – The Hell Raisers
    The Tremolo Beer Gut – The Sleaz e nator

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