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Bibliodiscoteque Punk For Nothing ep 3

  • Hey gang,
    You (sorta) asked for it!
    A one hour punk explosion of ... PUNK!
    Relive your angry youth and pioneer your anti-authoritarian eldercare with these gems.

    But Erik, am I too young to appreciate the call to arms and the fighting of The Man?
    Hell NO!
    You can still fight the power just by posting quotes from any of these tracks on your twitter account! Its like history class without the teacher and tests.
    That's right, Punk for Nothing is 100% TEST FREE!
    What could be easier?

    Download or hit play, play this through your speakers (ear buds only hide your inevitable increase in coolness), and prepare to stick it to the powers that be. Whatever shape they may take!

    Rage Well,

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    Punk For Nothing ep 3 by Bibliodiscoteque on Mixcloud

    Swingin’ Utters – Windspitting Punk
    Statues – Distance Duration
    The Vibrators – Judy Says (Knock You in the Head)
    The Rezillos – 2000AD
    Anti Flag – Spaz’s House Destruction Party
    The Gits – Cut My Skin It Make Me Human
    Fugazi – In Defense of Humans
    Government Issue – Teenager in a Box
    Redd Kross – Annette’s Got the Hits
    7 Seconds – Not Just Boy’s Fun
    Alison Angst – Give Us Theirs
    Mustard Gas, Hard Skins – Another Terrace Anthem
    Refused – Summerholiday vs. Punkroutine
    Tim Timebomb – Bob
    Suede Razors – Rubies and Pearls
    The Oppressed – Boots for Stompin’
    The Pietasters – Maggie Mae
    Mr. Symarip – I’m Gonna Knock, I’m Gonna Knock
    Anti Nowhere League – I Hate People
    Western Addiction – Rat Patrol
    Roy Loney & Senior no – Love is a Spider
    Suicidal Tendencies – I Want More
    Sunglasses After Dark – Sunglasses Ron
    The Trouble – Youth is Wasted by the Young