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The Novel Sound: Punk for Nothing 004

  • Toy Dolls – Dig That Groove Baby
    The Bloody Hollies – Good Night, Sleep Tight
    The Art Attack – I Am a Dalek
    Urinals – I’m A Bug
    Late Bloomer – Use Your Words
    The Teen Idles – Teen Idles
    All – Crazy?
    Big Drill Car – Crust
    Doughboys – I Wrote You A Letter
    Married with Sea Monsters – Face It Tiger
    Dag Nasty – I’ve Heard
    7 Seconds – Regress No Way
    Youth Brigade – Sink With Kalifornia
    Wingnut Dishwasher Union – F*#! S*#! Up
    Verbal Assault – Trial
    4 Skins – Yesterday’s Heroes
    The Mr. T Experience – Alternative is Here to Stay
    Dropkick Murphys – The State of Massachusetts
    Fifteen – Family values
    Section 13 – Coffee Grinds
    The Queers – Wimpy Drives Through Harlem
    2.5 Children – Land of the Free

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    Punk for Nothing 4: No Commercial Viability by Bibliodiscoteque on Mixcloud