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The Island Surf ep 11 I Heart Veronica

  • The Bali’haians – Surf-a-Tonic
    The Archies – Sugar and Spice
    Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake – Kooks on the Face
    Surf Sluts – Like Wow Wow She’s a Mau Mau
    Rev Hank meets Wadadli Riders – Teenage Walk
    Huevos Rancheros – Ace O’Spades
    Hawaii Samurai – Teenage Mutant Surfer Ninja
    The Surf Zombies – Rockabilly Boogie Man
    Burt Rocket – Crypt Surfer
    Southern Culture on the Skids – Make Mayan a Hawaiian
    The Ventures – Lolita Ya Ya
    Annette Funicello – Swingin’ and Surfin’
    Isaac Rother and the Phantoms – Gators in the Pool
    Robert Johnsons & the Punchdrunks – Theme From the Persuaders
    Los Tiki Phantoms – Adrodita (Muerte por Kiki)
    Travelers of Tyme – Maw Keep Hide Paw
    Slacktone – Gung Ho for Don Ho
    Zorba & The Greeks – Shockwave
    Paul Buff – Blind Man’s Buff
    Shrimp Chaperone – Drunk Monkey
    Surfadelica – Space Age Surfin’ Love Song
    Long Boards – Big Surf

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