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The Novel Sound ep 82 Youth Gone Angry

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    The Clash – 1977
    X Ray Spex – Art I Ficial
    the Adverts – Bored Teenagers
    The Jam – Saturday’s Kids
    The Damned – Neat Neat Neat
    Iggy and the Stooges – I Got a Right
    The Boomtown Rats – Looking Out for No. 1
    Gang of Four – Damaged Goods
    The Dils – I Hate the Rich
    Alternative TV – Urban Rich
    The Undertones – Emergency Cases
    The Dyaks – Gutter Kids
    Nuns – Media Control
    The Dickies – Banana Splits
    Menace – The Young Ones
    Buzzcocks – Oh S**t
    Stiff Little Fingers – I Don’t Like You
    The Saints – Know Your Product
    The Wierdos – A Life of Crime
    Vice Squad – Last Rockers
    Cock Sparrer – Where Are They Now?



    Ep 82 The Last Gang In Town part 2 by The Novel Sound on Mixcloud