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The Novel Sound ep 84 Offend in Every Way

  • The White Stripes - Offend in Every Way
    The Thermals - No Culture Icons
    King Missile - Sensitive Artist
    Bongwater - Obscene and Pornographic Art
    Alice Donut - Freaks in Love
    Thee Headcoats - Art or Arse?
    Mojo Nixon - Ain't Got No Boss
    The Sh** Creek Boys - Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain
    The Dead Milkmen - Life is S**t
    Pup - DVP
    Moistboyz - Sh**heel
    Butthole Surfers - Hey
    Rufus and Ben Quillian - Its Dirty But Good
    Butterbean and Susie - Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama
    Bo Carter - Please Warm My Weiner
    Mojo Nixon - Girlfriend in a Coma
    The Sh**t Creek Boys with Ween - Waving my D**k in the Wind
    The Singing Loins - Shut Your Mouth
    The Smiths - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

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